[LIST] YJ update february 2014 part 2

February 6, 2014 § 10 Comments


thank you for being the best

patient with our mess

you ain’t like the rest

you are our special someone


i wont wishing you, i curse you

to stay handsome, to be kinder, to be better

to prove it to the world and yourself

that you are more than Jung Yunho

we’ll be back you up baby, so don’t worry


Jung Yunho…

he’s so handsome i never able to figure out his real age…

20? fine for me~

i cant believe its my husband’s bday today kyaaa~ >///<

JJ: YAH!!!


anyway sorry for not being able to update often, finally d torture of presentations n classes came to end

now its only last thesis n final presentation left for me n graduatiiiiioooonnn


*yunho oppa joins d dance*

jae: oooh yunniieee~~~ im a bit sore below, can u massage me?

yun: coming, yeobo~

rev: jaevil comes n all happiness gone (_ _”)

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[LIST] YJ update february 2014 part 1

February 4, 2014 § 9 Comments


i cannot answer the question of appereances of that of identity beyond the grave

but i walk or sit indifferent, i am satisfied

he ahold of my hand has completely satisfied me


i cant believe it, onnie is older today with all his almighty soon-will-come-wrinkles

jae: WTH?!?! *get knives*

rev: I AM SOWWWWWYYYYYY!!!! *runs*

anyway since i cant update often due hectic schedule, im sorry for unable to update recentness

spare me, nae?

n onnie…whatever i do…however i torture ur image in my blog…i love u~ u know that right?

since im this faithful from 2006 till now thinking u r another damn best thing happen beside ramyun, dont u think u should give jung yunho to me?

jae: (_ _”)

okay i need to stop n get d whole update now ^^ teehee~

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YJ’s Primbon

January 26, 2014 § 26 Comments


~Happy Unreal-Birthday Kim Jaejoong~

so in my country, spesifically in my hometown where culture is so deeply affecting our life (cz my town is like a……kingdom……with king n queen n princess n prince……in a middle of a country……with president n vice president……so……yeah~)

wellknown a tradition of calculating couple’s birthdate to predict their characteristic and their wedding date called “weton”

yes my town also had our own ‘day name’ *sigh* n i dont remember it at all nor i actually care


so my weton is Monday Pahing, while my boyfriend is Tuesday Pahing

because we both Pahing thus its okay for us to get married~

d restriction is for Pahing and Wage. they wont last long, like my aunty n uncle…one had to give up…end up with my uncle’s sudden death aft 15 years marriage


out of topic (_ _”)

so i was wondering how about YJ and try to calculate it

n here we go~

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[LIST] yunjae update january 2014

January 1, 2014 § 20 Comments


i wish u all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

shall this year be an even greater year for all of us

for this year, many of my friends will get married

i slightly JAElous

strict parent is strict *sigh* i cant get married until i graduate n get job n settle my life as an individual

okay…i’ll wish for a straight way to graduation without any trouble and job in hand when i graduate

thus i can settle quickly~


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[LIST] yunjae update december 2013 part 2

December 25, 2013 § 11 Comments


Holy ground, sacred words
An angel babe covered in scars
Blood red lips, fading disguise
You’re my favorite, drowning in your lies
Hurt me bad, hurt me good
Let my screams be your song
Innocent smile, fading grace
Show me you’re right, everything i am is wrong
Tainted smile, take everything i am
Painted hearts, take everything i can be
Make me yours eternally
Shuddering breath, whispered moans
Clipped angel, bowing and broken
Gasping breath, blood red thighs
You’re my addiction, take me home
Tainted smile, take everything i am
Painted hearts, take everything i can be
I belong to you eternally
You’re my sin, my lust, everything i am not
You’re my sanctuary, my prayer, the ever preset light
Make me beg, hear me pray
Hold me clise, bleed me dry
Leave me begging for you to stay

Happy Christmas Minnasan~

single bells single bells single all the way~

(yes its with S not J)

Happy TVXQ Anniversary

Saranghae TVXQ~

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[STORY] I Will Wait For You Until 35

December 13, 2013 § 12 Comments

while scrolling over my korean folders, i found this…

few years a go it made me cry a river (now still on…what can i do? im a crybaby~ i even cried watching doraemon…)

thinking of sharing it with u all guys, what love able to do with us

for the deepest feeling of all, loving someone means giving him/her permission to break ur heart the most

but also giving urself a chance to be the happiest on earth

WARNING: Tears, heartbreak 100%! Do not read, if you cannot stand really sad stories. Based on true story.


Title: I will wait for you until 35
Genre: BL
Author: Nakang
Translator: kotorichan 
Genre: true story
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The memory of a Chinese BL roman author about his break up with his boyfriend, shortly one year before his suicide.

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[LIST] yunjae update december 2013 part 1

December 2, 2013 § 35 Comments


Umm…i’m back? eh? teehee~

lets say im tired petting “thesis” thus why i sneak off to go online

i cant stay way long from addiction, can i?

nae nae nae im a bad student >,<

i realize many of u had left

IDC~ its ur option…

i do what i like, i share what fun for me so…yeah…no harm in both sides

since i havent update like a year, so i probably only able to update what i could catch up


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