yunjae IS real, trust me…

March 28, 2010 § 303 Comments

u guys r unlucky my mouth zipped by my BGF (she said she’ll kill me if i tell ppl bot ths -___-“)

cz she just revealed some of yunjae fact n she got its evidences

d news was proven 2be true n she got it frm some yunjae’ stalker

here d clues: tokyo, seoul, yunjae, club, soju, pics, gay bar, gay area, taegoon

n yes i got its evidences already, bt 4 my BGFsake, its privacy

bt i cant help it 2post it TT___TT”

tell u what, YUNJAE IS REAL, noe n ev…

n oh, my BGF met taegoon yesterday in tokyo

she talked, got pic 2gether, n got his autograph

oh god! d same day i got oppa, achun, n GD as fren in TGD


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§ 303 Responses to yunjae IS real, trust me…

  • If you don’t give me the evidence, how am I to trust you? [-(

    • reva says:

      thts why i pitied most
      I was giggling like mad bitch when i knw
      N i fell down frm d bed
      N my BGF disallow me huhu
      4 her sake n mine
      Mianhe darl..

  • yunvanjae says:

    yayayaya,,Yunjae is real..

    can u give me the fact… send to my email..pliss..

      • jun says:

        hey can you please email me one evidence plz? just one? i also believe yunjae is real, but everyone around me is against me saying I’m crazy. they say some korean guys just hold hands and hug all the time, but they are just really good friends, bot lovers. can you please email me just one evidence? I promise I will not spread or share with anyone else. Promise.!!!

      • dear, most of d comments above alrdy contains many updates, rumors, facts, speculation abt them
        if u read my other post, i ve listed it ^^

  • yunvanjae says: u have facebook?? I love Yunjae couple n I hope we can make a friendship n share allthings about DBSK n Yunjae couple…

    • peternakhamster says:

      미안 해요…
      im trully sorry darl, as i said above i cant reveal them (or else i’ll get killed by my BGF, trust me when she said it, she’ll definetly do it TT__TT”)
      one of evidences, my beloved BGF met jaejoong (i called him onnie here if u confused) older sister
      n they reveal some yunjae fact while jokin
      n her fren was yunjae’ stalker
      she got some pics of them
      i guess i mentioned too much
      i’ll stop myself here b4 im blablin too much

  • Rj-chan says:

    I need YJ dear ~
    I need YJ n DBSK/THSK.
    I really need…

    Tell me what should I do now 😦

    No matter what, just know that I’ll be waiting till thay come back.

    Bt, tell me st plz >___<

    • peternakhamster says:

      we had d thing they called FAITH dear…
      maybe, just maybe they r in their breakpoint noe
      bt i still believe tht they’ll appeare as 1 on top, again…
      always keep the faith ^^

      • Sora says:

        I definately believe that Yunjae is real cause i know some chinese cassiopeias from baidu bar, and we’ve had different sources about their realness~~~
        i don’t need picture proof. i just know they are real already~~
        do you mind sharing your story? like the history of yunjae? cause i know this other story too but a few of us can’t get around the whole yunho having a breakup around mirotic era, and we have a few speculations~~

  • Sora says:

    oh by the way, your banner is on fire!!~~~

    • peternakhamster says:

      yes darl…i knw he’s hot!!!
      i jealous of his tight pants…

    • peternakhamster says:

      i’ll email u soon after my inet get better
      bt only d story okkies? (if my BGF find out, i’ll be so dead…)

      p.s wish she didnt read ths comment T__T”

      • Sora says:

        no problem i totally understand the only the story part, no sharing. if you believe in yunjae, u dun need proof, the ones we’ve been seeing like MKMF hug and stuff is more than enough. im rather interested in their history. i dun need pictures. LOL~~ dun u agree?

      • peternakhamster says:

        okkies darl
        yea, they r more thn real, n when u read yunjae facts (i think i ve shared it b4) u’ll knw its nt only fanservice
        aww umma n appa of dongbang household (rest members really think them like tht in their dorm)
        bt i rather call them onnie n oppa ^^

      • Jenn says:

        I know this seems random but can I also know the story? You know the yunjae history 🙂 pretty please! To be honest I don’t really know anything about them since I recently discovered DBSK and by accident 🙂
        so here’s my e-mail 🙂

      • peternakhamster says:

        have u read my post about yunjae’ fact?

        oh well it’ only some of our ghost eyes as cassie
        n i dun promise u darl whether i’ll send it or nt
        since my inet s SUCK
        bt i’ll try (my YM s shoot!)

      • Jenn says:

        No I haven’t could you give me the link? Thanks 🙂 bye!

      • peternakhamster says:

        oh well, its some of my evidences collection frm everywhere n w some analyze yet ghostly eyes by cassie around d world

        welcome 2 yunjae’ world, darl
        we called ourselves YUNJAESHIPPER ^^

  • Jenn says:

    No sorry I haven’t 😦 could you give me the link?

  • yunjae_luv says:


    But baby, is it relate their date in 08 Feb in a adult bar of another fanacc??? OR DO they meet in GAY BAR???

    I’ve heard before that YunJae went to gay bar…I’m not sure when…but I heard it in the past >/////<….

    I wish u can share this info ;__;

    • yunjae_luv says:

      btw, my YM is meoden_4190 and email is

      Could u add me as ur friend? I hope we can share YunJae infomation and spread YunJae love :X

      I usually call Yunho is appa and JJ is umma…LOL

      • peternakhamster says:

        okkies, later aft i can login my YM
        YM kinda suck nowadays -__-”

        n as u see, jae s onnie yet yun s oppa 4me
        n i tried my best 2steal oppa frm onnie in ths blog
        glad u like it ^^

    • peternakhamster says:

      sorry darl im lackin of time 2online…

      n yea all yunjaeshipper n cassiopeia r fren ^^

      oh well my fren said its gay bar in shibuya or somethg…
      im kinda forget

      • Shadent says:

        Excuse me..
        ehm hi..
        chingu klo bole tau saia jg pingin tau story na dung..
        ga usah bukti2 .. hanya mau tau story na ajah.. boleh?
        pleaseeeeee >,<
        atau boleh ym an chingu?

      • hehehe ternyata banyak yg penasaran yah?
        *ketawa setan*

        humm kl soal cerita kekny bs disimpulin dr komen2 diatas beib
        soale susah kalo cerita kronologisnya
        ceilah bahasa gw… *digampar jeje*

        YM? blh…
        kasi tw email ajah, ntr ku add kl ol hehehe

      • Shadent says:
        gumawoooo~ >,<
        Can't wait to hear your stories..XDD

      • Humm I won’t said tht I know whole story So maybe we can work it together As a said “two perv brain much better thn only one” Hwekekekeke 🙂

        OMG I miss my blog so much! N I miss oppa above all!!! (Oppa u better love me more cz ths)

        Il Lun 05 Lug, 2010 00:53 PDT,

  • yunjae_luv says:

    baby….Is it in recent times? I means that date in gat bar XD…..

    I just know YunJae call each other on phone alot….XD…..and they secrect met sometimes when they have a chance….

    Hope I can chat with u soon….

    Or u can add my MSN: XD~

    • peternakhamster says:

      yea, hope my YM get well soon…
      oh well i dunno bt since their news always update, i guess 2weeks news counted 2be old ^^

      i wanna go 2 a curry shack where yunjae often date (i change phrase ‘go’ w ‘date’ since only d 2 of them who go)
      its located in japan, in a train station (i forget d name, mian~)
      d chef (mr.curry, mian ahjusshi…) said it himself 2my BGF

      ooh…i see u made onnie n oppa’ fanart…
      hmm…i ll squeeze my schedule time 2check every fanart u made ^^
      may i?

      • yunjae_luv says:

        Haha…yes, I draw YunJae fanart :D….”m very happy if u check my arts XD

        Baby, btw….u means they on date not long time ago, rite? and in a curry shack???? OMG!!!

        Lately times, I feel tired because of bitch Go Ara fan *sorry, because I very hate her*….she had rumors with all of actors work with her….damnnnn…..and her fans always try to match YH with her…damn it!!!!

        Hope ur YM get well soon, I really wanna chat with u ASAP!!!

      • IM IN!!!! IM #1 HER ANTIFANS *pouted*

        yun: aww…u n ur jealousy…
        rev: i hate u 4follow along w tht rumor oppa, whole world knw its only fanservice as promotion 4ur HTTG
        yun: then why u still jealous?
        rev: i cant stand w it! i guess i need 2follow onnie’ path, vodooin all ppl who flirt u
        yun: boojae…did…WHAT?!
        rev: a-nothg oppa, nothg *ran away*

        bb, almost all ur fanart locked *pouted* so i shuld add u as fren rite?
        oh, abot d curry shack, its already old 1 i guess…

        n somebody reply ur comment
        ‘it’ (its nt confirmed yet whether its a female or male, mianhe abi~) said “i always saw him on the phone” n i went crazy w it
        whtya think?

        @abi i really m curious, hve u ev heard ppl die by curiousity? i might be d1st -__-” i hope wht u said wasnt a prank

      • yunjae_luv says:

        Ah, Yunho is on phone alot of time in his talker pics :D…..

        Yeah, baby….if u wanna see all fanarts, plz adding me :D… locked almost of my fanarts 😀

      • okkies
        i’ll add u later bb

        i might tke my leave 4ths 2weeks
        cz my fuckin senpai ask me 2did all my ass n 2weeks later s d deadline
        he really try 2kill me
        oh well, its my last project in college so i need put all my effort there

        bubye blog, bubye fanblog, bubye tvxq
        meet u all again in 2weeks frm noe on

      • yunjae_luv says:

        I’m really sad when hear this ;___________;

        bye bye……see u late …

        try ur best on ur project….good luck bb *smooches*

      • gumawo~~~

        *smooched back*

    • abi says:

      how can you know yunjae call each other on phone alot? im just curious since i always saw him on the phone but who knows?

      • i knw, cz im his phone ^^

        1 fact u suppose 2know, cassiopeia r scary when it comes 2 their interest ^^

        n…u always saw him on d phone…
        u saw HIM?!!!
        U SAW who? yunho or jaejoong?

        pardon me, bt *tilted head* who r u?

  • really…….
    i ❤ this couple…….
    i'm glad if they became real………
    i want more story…….
    give me, give me………

  • hana says:

    hello there….I’m wondering is if this si really real? if it is can you please also tell me! please : )

  • Lalala says:

    Omg u sure??!! That’s so cool! Is it real evidence like they-are-totally-real and cannot be passed off as just friendship or brotherhood? That will be so totally awesome! Are they still in contact now? They’re not supposed to by management but who cares… Haha.

    They actually go to gay bars??! Isn’t that too risky they can get caught anytime!!!

  • classystar says:

    hello.. I have someone told me that yunjae is real… I do believe her and she gave me her account of what she knew.. it’s small though but it really made me curious.. and gaahh.. I want private pics.. >_> . I’m obsess with this couple lately.. I could share to you what I knew if you want.. ooh.. and here’s my email.. ..

  • classystar says:

    okay sure sure.. I’ll add you back.. 😀

  • mel says:

    Hi Peternakhamster, it’s very nice to meet you ^^!

    I’m a YunJae fan for this last 2 month. Dunno DBSK or Yunjae b4, but now I’m ‘OBSESSED’ with this couple. I really(3x) hope they’re a real couple & felt really despair when I heard about the law suit. I’m afraid that they’re broke already.

    That’s why I desperately looked for any news about Yunjae nowadays. Browsed net everyday to look for any clue if they’re still together. I don’t have many friends who I can share or talk about Yunjae. That’s why I’m very happy to find this site of yours. I really hope to make friend with you and everyone ^^.

    My YM address id Would you please add me >_<? I'd be very grateful…

    PS: are you Indonesian? I'm Indonesian too (if I shouldn't ask this question, please ignore this & I apology in advance). Tyvm ^^!

    • waaaaa!!!!!
      welcum bb welcum…2yunjae’ world…
      n as u see, my blog…kinda…perv…
      so if u r nt into perv ness, just ignore me ^^
      okkies bb, i’ll add u some later, again *sigh* my inet *sigh* s suck…
      n hope u dun mind w my typo ^^

      • mel says:

        Hoo hoo.. I like your site, lol. Really lucky to find this, he2 ^^!

        Lately I’ve been feeling that Yunjae is done.
        Read the comments above is really a source of happiness, like my faith is built up. Makes me believe that they’re still together..
        Having some friends to talk about it will be a great encouragement for me..

        If you have any news about this couple, would you please post it or (please 1000x) send message to me if you couldn’t post it >_<? I'm craving (dying actually ^^) for any of Yunjae news.

        PS: I'm looking forward to talk with you via YM or this site ^^!

      • Okkies darl…

        When I got new story, I’ll just post it asap

        Oh, note: above didn’t reveal all yunjae evidence I got frm my BGF yet

      • mel says:

        Yeah, actually I really want to know ur evidence above, tee hee. But I think u won’t reveal it here *teary*
        Hope u can tell me later, in private message or so. I’m dying to now T_T *hiccups*…

      • Hekekeke mybe 1day, I’ll reveal it
        Actually I think its nt really a great evidence
        Bt when I understand it deeper, it made me gigglin uncontrollably
        I mean yunjae, n onni’ (jaejoong, incase u confuse) sistas???
        Err…I’m blabing too much again

        Oh so u r frm indonesia too? Where r u frm?

      • mel says:

        Owwieee, now you made me very curious…

        OMO.. now I have to be patient & wait for the day when u’ll let us now, lolz…
        Well, at least u give me sumthing to wait, bwahahahaha..

      • Uh huh bb
        Somethg 2keep u all faithfully believe in yunjae…

        I though them only fanservice 4years a go bt then…
        Evidences come
        N I spent like most my time giggling bot their cuteness

        Oh gtg…
        C u around bb
        N enjoy my blog ^^

    • mel says:

      i came from a town named Ponorogo (i dun think u know this town ^^) & i live in surabaya now. u from indo too? where r u from?

      well, thx 4 accompanying me ^^. really glad to know u, he2..

      happy giggling, ha2..

      • Ofcourse I knw…
        I used 2live in madiun 4 almost 5years
        Bt noe I live in mid java…
        O! U r in surabaya?
        My mom works n lives there too…

  • mel says:

    Ooh hoo, dun think u ever lived so close. what a small world..

    ur mum now in sby? u didn’t live ‘ere? too bad.. if u r ‘ere, we can meet n have a nice talk ^^!

    so, u live in mid java? lemme guess.. solo, semarang or jogya? ahahahhaha, i picked big 3 towns in mid java ^^!

    • Yea world s such a small1
      We even breath d same air w our oppa-deul

      Oh well sometimes I visit my mom
      Bt since I kinda busy so ths last 4months fulfilled w ass
      I mean my senpai really tryin 2kill me or get rid of me

      N yes, I lived in 1big city u mentioned ^^

  • yeomi says:

    hi!!! i’ve just read your blog..and i’m a YunJae addict to them.. please tell me more about them.. I SO LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! ❤

    can we be friends..I'm really really love YunJae..please.. here's my ym

    i hope we can be friends ^^

    • Omo bb…
      All yunjaeshipper r frens
      Ok I’ll just add u when…uknw… *sigh* my inet get better…

      N welcum 2 yunjae’ world pertenakhamster vers bb

      • yeomi says:

        omg!!!! thank you!!! i hope we can talk again..^^

        please tell me more about them if you have a time!! XD

        i’m so happy to read your blog..specially about YUNJAE! XD

      • Okkies bb
        N guess wht…

        I just got new rumor frm my BGF
        Yet it shocked me even more while my perv-analyze-mind worked
        It prove A BIT bot yunjae bt cruel as hell
        OMO I can’t believe they did it 2my oppa!!!
        They deserve d deepest hell 4torturing my oppa n all TVXQ like tht

        N again, its only rumor bt get into my nerve really bad
        Oh fuck
        I’m blabbin too much yet d news too dangerous n controversial 4me 2post it

        Ignore it ^^

      • mel says:

        Nooooooooooo, u haven’t tell me the last rumor yet & now u added another one >_.<!

      • Uuh bb…

        I just heard it bt nt get it into my blog yet

        Relax ^^

  • mel says:

    oh yeah, yesterday my cousin said datz yunjae is over. yunho is dating ara now. is datz true???? it can’t be true riiiight??? i won’t allow it!!! over my dead body!!!!!! what about my religion, YUNJAE ism???

    btw sweety, thanks for adding my YM ^^! but, as i can see, u really r busy & barely online. i really want to talk wth u, but i’m afraid to bother >.<! plz greet me if u r idle (anytime will do ^^).

    • Rach says:

      OMG NO WAY!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? but if yunho and ara are dating… i think cassie will be smart and sneaky enough to take pix of them going out, no? NO YUNJAE CANT BE OVER!! T^T

      • No BB, as I said there’ no yun///ra
        Ara’ side herself already confirm it, as nothg between onnie n makiko
        There’ only yunrev
        *killed by onnie*

        D new rumor had nothg 2do w them
        Oh maybe a slight…
        Bt no1 will cross d line

    • NOOOOO!!!!!

      There’ no yun///ra, even Ara’ side already confirm tht THERE’ NOTHG BETWEEN THEM
      There’ no yun///ra, only yunrev
      Jae: YAH!!!
      Rev: *ran away*
      Jae: come back here u brat! Yunrev? Psh…get over my dead body 1st!!!

      • Mel says:

        Hmm.. Yunrev is not bad onnie,but i think Yunmel is sounds better riiight /(^0^)\??! (why i haven’t thought it b4? Lol)

        about d yun-ara rumor, i think it’s just a rumor (i REALLY hope it is, or i’ll be dead frm broken heart)!

        Btw rev,plz post ur last gossip will’ya (pleaaaading teary eyes)? Frm my pov,it’s a bad news.. If it’s a goodie, i can wait foreva,but bad news? It’s killing me,really… I have Mylanta as my daily snack recently n diz news ain’t help at all.. My poor gastritis *sigh*

      • Bb, d rumor s so bad, worse thn yun///ra itself…
        Oh well just think tht there’ somethg behind yun///ra fanservice n d lawsuit thg
        Its break my heart already, n I cried endlessly
        Oh well its only a rumor though…

        N yunrev sounds better than yunmel…
        Jae: YAH!!!!!!!
        Rev: *grab mel’ wrist n ran away fast*
        Jae: u both wanna die huh?!?! There’ no yunrev, yunmel, nor yun///ra!!!!! ONLY YUNJAE!!!!!!

  • yunvanjae says:

    hii peternakhamster,, u r Indonesian people.. may I talk with u in bahasa, my english is not fluent,,-_-‘ mianhae..

    • Yes u may bb…
      bt if u knw, using english will help u fluently
      I was forced learn english more aft I love TVXQ

      Oh y, pke b.indo ajah kl emg bnr2 gagg bs hehehe

  • yeomi says:

    ohmg! is it true? what rumor is that? please tell us!!!

    you’re killing us!!!!

    please tell us..please please!!! we’re not going to spread it..^^

    • I’m nt planning 2killing u all
      Its just…I can’t ol till next monday
      Ooh…I’m so sorry 4making u all curious like hell
      I really am sorry….
      *gigglin like mad bitch since I’m successfully make u all curious*
      *behave self*

      Oh, time 4 me 2eat…
      Wanna some honey grilled shrimps, gals?

  • yeomi says:

    i promise to you that i won’t reveal it..

    about that rumors about ara and yunho..i hope it’s not true! i’m gonna die if it’s true.. huhuhu TT.TT

    • Once again, THERE’ NO YUN///RA…
      Its only fanservice…

      N bb, be patient ok?
      I need 2write it 1st n check it if my typo nt against anythg n pure my subjectiveness…
      Yet I’m dyin 2tell u all, bb…
      Trust me
      (Look at my bright white ring above my head…)

      • Mel says:

        R u sure it’s white ring, not devil horns ^^? cuz i can imagine u giggling like crazy now, prepare sumthing evil or perv for ur next post, bwahaha.. Joke rev, joke.. Piiis ^^!

        Yeomi, u can’t dead yet! We have to hear wht reva say next monday. If it’s a bad news, i’ll join u grieve n cry togeda…

        One more question rev, is dtz true that TVXQ disbanded already? That idiot cousin of mine (i m sure she is a hell messenger!) said that they r done n replaced w/ J.Y.J?

        Wht d’hell is wrong w/ korean court?! How long do they take to finish 1 case?! There’s no such thing in indo! (or is there??).

      • Uuh bb, I’m sure its white bright ring n nt red devil horns
        N maybe yes, next post gonna be a perv 1
        Aww…me n my genius brain…

        n NO!!!! TVXQ R NT DISBAND N NEVER!!!!!
        J.Y.J only a name they can think of

        N d case took long time cz there’ lots of evidences, fake n real tht they need 2think
        Just like in indo, n most countries, I guess

        N ooh…d honey grilled shrimps so damn tasty
        I wish I culd take TVXQ there…

      • mel says:

        Naaah, mine lunch was better, spicy shrimp with bamboo shot n pete ^^! JJ is spicy lover, so i betcha he would choose mine instead. n since oppa will do w/eva his yobo does, oc he’ll come along to my house, bwaahhahahhaha…

        well, it’s good if thing is still okay w/ d boys. put my heart at ease now (gonna beat dtz “oh so well gossip messenger” cousin o’mine for spreading idiot rumor n almost got me a heart attack!!)

        okay, then i’ll look forward ur post b4 i terror u w/ my unstoppable question ’bout dz rumor, lol ^^!

      • Oh bb, honey grilled shrimp s only a menu frm bunches I ordered
        2gether w sweet sour lobster, friend shrimps, spicy fish, n grilled fish, etc etc n also I forget 2tell u tht honey grilled shrimps s spicy…
        Best lunch ev aahh…

      • Mel says:

        Wow, wht a helluva lunch u had! Shrimp n lobster? Isn’t too much ^^? Watch ur cholestrole rev!

        Well, urs are definitely better than mine. Still, mine is homemade dish ^^! If u stuffed w/ take out dishes every single day like me, any simple homemade will be most welcome, he2!

        Where did u have lunch aniwei? Sound soooo yummy!!! I want lobster toooo!!

      • Oh well I cooked too much so its nt wrong 4me 2treat myself 2eat outside

        Its local traditional restaurant bt fame w its food
        N when I ate, I saw some korean playin w a canoe there n look like they had fun w it, they sang n laughed
        Aah so miss TVXQ damn much…


    • mel says:

      really? korean tourist in jogja? with canoe? is there any lake or river there??
      beside, i thought korean tourist prefer bali ^^?

      well, i’d like to go to dtz resto u mentioned someday..

      • Uh huh bb, korean tourist
        Oh well, when bali infame w their view, jgj fame w our traditionism
        Beside, jgj s cheaper thn bali…

        Ugn, stomachache….stomach cramp…

  • yeomi says:

    hohoho! MEI sure i reserve my live for monday.. XD

    i hope it’s really good.. and about that rumor you are telling about us.. oh please tell us ^^ my life span is in danger ahahahaha

    i can’t wait! i’m so getting impatient right now.. XDD

    • Dun xpect 2deep 4my rumor
      Since its nt tht big deal yet its only a rumor
      N its a sad1..

      N save our lives
      We need 2fight more 2protect our oppa if d rumor I heard is true…
      Ooh… Its. 83rd comment I guess…
      N since I reply it via phone (damn I miss my blog!!!)
      A week unupdate feels like centuries…

      • yeomi says:

        eh??? is it really that bad? i hope you can post it now..

        and i hope we could chat some time! ^^ and talk about YunJae more ^^

        i also want to see the evidence and the story behind your post “yunjae IS real, trust me…” hehehe

      • Aww…
        D evidences r noe locked by my BGF bb…

        Just maybe d slight story won’t harm
        How’s tht?
        Better be d story so we culd gigglin 2gether n fall down frm wherev we r (just like me)

      • yeomi says:

        and don’t worry! my lips are sealed..hehe even my hands are sealed..ahahaha

        i don’t have tvxq fan/friends..huhuhu i’m a loner!! ahahaha it’s good i met you..hehehe and share same interest with you..^^

        come back to the arms of your computer! XDD

      • Really bb? No cassie nor elf etc etc round u?
        Omo bb come 2 mommy…

        If u got rumor too, let me knw okkies?
        So we can fangirlin 2gether

      • Mel says:

        Really Yeomi, i think reva has this kind of “S” streak personality. Oppa said he likes torturing ppl n she must have learned some tricks frm him ^^!

        She keeps throwing bait n pulled it b4 we can do anything except gawking at her ^^!

        Really rev… i m gonna knock ur door first thing in monday morning ^^!

        Btw, is it okay if we keep talking ‘ere?some ppl may find it annoying w/ all the mails they received. Maybe we should move n talk sumwhere?

      • Yes bb, I guess my comment column 4ths topic gets sooo ful w our unconnected talk
        Whatev, I’m d author…
        N YM conference talk sounds good
        Wait, I’ll add u later ok?

  • svvykim says:

    hey can you send this story about why yunjae is real to my e mail i promised to keep the information secret

    • R u a yunjaeshipper?
      Oh well u can actually analyze it frm all my comments above
      Story always been better than evidences since it depend on our own analyze yet imagination
      N…noe d story (4me) r nt tht great anymore…

  • Rach says:

    lets all be patient and wait ~~ lol for yunjae, i can wait !!!! ❤

  • Mel says:

    OMG!!! I’ve read about CJeS rumor!! Is tht true??! The contract w/ someone named “A”?? Someone w/ criminal record like tht???! How could onnie n YooSu do that?? Noooooo!!!!

    Is tht means tht TVXQ really in grave danger?? Onnie n Junsu popularity r increasing like hell in jpn, but w/ ’bout oppa n CM??? They have no single actvty except 4 a few photoshoot..

    If thz continues..
    I m really afraid ’bout YunJae now.. Could they still tgthr after all of thz??

    Btw rev, my cousin said (yeah, It’s her again. She keeps filling me w/ gossips ^^!) tht at feb 8th 2010, yunjae booked a hotel room n they checked out around 2 am.

    Yunho said tht they only want to talk privately (but tht not the issue here right ^^? it’s not like we r complaining, he2!).

    Well, is tht true??
    I really want to convince myself tht after all of these, at least they r still fighting 4 their love (>_<)!

    • D contract tht bring ths trouble at 1st actually so confusing Bot crebau, etc etc Frm wht I heard, its both sides fault, SME n jaechunsu N d rumor I heard just 2days a go xplain why oppa broke by stayin w SME while onnie w yoosu Bt I dunno bot minmin Hmm…

      N bot feb 8th… EEEHHH???!!! (In my cyber world) thts why onnie asked me which hotel s better…noe I knw wht oppa’ gift frm onnie… *perv mode on* (In real life) *fell down frm d bed* *screamed* I knw they secretly met bt booked a hotel room??!!?! Wht I heard was in oppa’ bday, tvxq went outside, onnie’ treat (-__-” wonder why onnie when d bday boy was oppa) xcept our minmin who happen in jeju island 4some shoots N yes yunjae then had a date (frm wht I heard) bt BOOKED A HOTEL ROOM???!!! *waved YJ banner* *hip hip banzai!!!*

      Bb…I need 2hear more!!!! D puzzle began 2solved themselves… (In real life) Aww…yunjae r away too sweet… (In cyber world) onnie!!! Back off frm oppa!!! Tht nite I was planning a great gift 4oppa, noe I knw why he didn’t come home *pouted*

      • mel says:

        i really don’t know if this rumor is true or not (all her rumors b4 r so unbelievable n unvalid) but she swore to me this one is true.

        she said, they checked in b4 midnight n went out around 2 am. (does 3 hours enough to do any “exercise”? bwahahahahaha, sorry sorry, my perv mind is kinda switch on right now ^^).

        n the reason 4 this booked room is b’coz they need some private space where they can talk privately. so they only talked at tht room (who care w/ they did in the room aniwei ^^?)

        well, i guess all left is up to our imagination. as u said, story always been better than imagination, wakakakkaka… but if is true… yaaaaaaay!!! flail!!!!

        as u know, i m a newbie here. so almost all my yunjae gossips r told by my cousin.

        there r many rumors tht i wanna ask to u, like the cartier rings , the posion accident, bathroom, etc.. wonder if they’r really true…

      • U can read it frm my ‘yunjae fact’ post… Oh well thts frm cassies’ ghostly eyes… N bb, I guess I’m a newbie too (I dun reaaly update of them *cry*) N darl… Even 10mins enough 4 slight act such oral… N heavy 1 take…let me count it…1hrs? So 3hrs culd be 3heavyXXX… *giggled* *fell down again frm bed* Relax bb, ths blog contains perv mostly (if u read my previous post)…

        N I was gigglin like mad bitch when I saw an interview vid There onnie said his 1st kiss was oppa They laughed cz when onnie leaned 2kiss oppa in bathrum, d mp3player oppa had in his hand fell down 2d toilet I guess d story s nt true, when its true they suppose 2 shy n covered it, rite? Yet ths vid already worldwide I guess…

        Let’s learn more bot yunjae 2gether, shall we?

      • mel says:

        bwahahahhahaa, i burst out like idiot n my mum stared me coldly n said ,”lost ur mind?? kesambet kali ini anak?!”

        this perv imagination is really really omoshirou yo ^^! 3 hours = 3 times more intense??? omo, wonder if onnie could walk properly after tht! *wooble* *wooble*….

        actually, i read ur yunjae fact b4. it’s very (100X) interesting, but almost all utube vids are deleted now, owwie…

        then w/ ’bout the rumor?? like.. yunho’s cartier rings was given by JJ, or they r officially going out after the poison incident or about their bedroom in shanghai? r they all true or not ^^? what do u think??

      • mel says:

        eh, wait.. the vid ’bout onnie first kiss?? w/ yunho?? i thought it was w/ older girl long b4, at his junior day??

        could u give me the link for this vid? i really wanna watch >_<!

        utube really deleted most vids, dang!!! all these yunjae vids n yaoi dorama… goneee.. hics…

      • Thts why I thought its a lie, its japanese interview…
        Mianhe bb, I got it frm my BGF ^^ n I dunno d link hmm
        Yet I can’t ol till monday or maybe tuesday morn…

      • Mel says:

        Na ah, np then ^^!

        N the thing ’bout onnie treating at oppa b’day. I just rememba sumthing ol’. It’s w/ my cousin said (not my gossiper one). She had a korean bf (they married 3 months ago).

        Once she told me tht her bf treated her n her frends at her b’day. When i asked why his bf paid while it was her bday (we know in indo, we r extorted n dried to empty at our bday ^^), she said it’s very common (read: obligation) to pay ur beloved/lover at her event.

        Sooo, if u collect n connect all these trivial things, it’s clicked!!!

        Why onnie paid if there’s nothing between them riiiiight??? It suddenly hit me!!

        Omo, i’m so overly excited b’coz of this realitation!!

      • See?
        D truth reveal themselves if we think bot it 2gether…
        Aww, I hurt my butt again, I fell of frm bed like 3x 2day
        Uuh…soon I’ll get duckbutt like su
        Bt hell, if oppa love it, I’ll sacrifice 2 get it like su…
        *killed by onnie*

      • Mel says:

        Riiiight, 2 brains r definitely better than thinking alone!

        I wouldn’t recall such trivial ol’ thing if u didn’t say tht onnie paid ^^! It really a sudden big blow at my head!!

      • Yes bb u r rite…

        Oh just heard tht TVXQ won best music vid in MTV japan award 4their SHARE D WORLD mv
        Oppa-deul, chukae!!!!
        *need 2cook more 2celebrate it*
        TVXQ still d best ev…

        Oh on tweets there #cassiebelieveinTVXQ project tomorrow ^^
        Aww I’m so into it!!!
        *kissed by oppa*

      • Mel says:

        Woohoo!!! Way to gooo!!!
        That’s my meeen!!! Congrats beybuh!!!

        All d awards n d records!! No wonder SM won’t let go no matter whot!! Treat ur money maker more humanly, u sucker!!!

      • N yet, junsu won 1st place 4his intoxication, he beated kattun who happen in 2nd place
        OMG I luv how TVXQ stole those awards evn in ths lawsuit state…
        It shows how talented they r, how precious they r, how great they r, n how awesome we r as cassies

      • Mel says:

        Honestly, i dun really like Su’ intoxication..

        No noo… Dun kill me yeeet!! Listen to mee…

        I mean, if Su keeps getting all these attentions n big awards, i m afraid he’ll forget n leave TVXQ *sigh*…

        If it’s u.. with such talent, u’ll choose solo instead grouped w/ so many ppl, right?

        That’s why i feel uneasy w/ their solo actvty (no offense guys >.<)

        N yes, they r a vey talented individu, i know.. But as TVXQ, they r
        PERFECT!! So outstanding, so outrageous!! Sooo.. perfect…..

      • I guess there’ no reason 4him 2forget TVXQ He raised due tvxq N as a sentence “everythg will be back 2where its born at d end” N they r talented, yet w tvxq yes they r perfect!!! They got their own role, hi pitch w stubborn bt smart minmin d maknae, innocently sexy bt childish su 2gether w romantically achun, n (hate 2say) beautiful onnie who good at cook n tke care of them as their umma w manly responsible oppa as appa They made a perfect family N I’ll gladly join them as 2nd umma ^^ B4 all cassies kill me, I’ll get killed by onnie -__-”

        N actually I believe tht su’ dances in intoxication mv was teached by onnie, since achun plays w his new drama n a bit forget him (r u into yoosu?) D song fabulously poisoned me n killing when it showed w d vid OMFG HE DANCED THOSE MANBOOBS MORE THN HIPS… N his xpression…

        (Need 2go 2bathrum)

  • yeomi says:

    i would like to here the story.. and i understand why your BGF locked it..awww what a waste.. i want to see it!!!! XDD

    i hope you can go back to your computer now and we can go fangirling together!!! XD

  • yeomi says:

    hey it made me curious.. why are you calling jaejoong onnie? ahahah it’s really cute.. ^^

    • Oh well since he’ obviously too much assemblin woman thn a man…
      If I call him umma n yunho as appa, then it means I receive him as parent of dongbang household
      Yet I got err…2yo age gap w him, n I luv oppa more thn yunjae so yeah…
      Aww oppa, I luv u!!!
      *killed by onnie*

      • Mel says:

        Well, JJ is very manly built. Yet u can’t deny tht feminine aura around him.

        Look at his “V” body (hell, his waist is even smaller than mine)!! Veeerry maanly, indeed…

        But but.. look at his shiny, smoothy skin. Heck, sumtime i had skin treatment, spa, massage, etc. Yet my skin doesn’t shine as much as his!

        Onnieeee, w/ lotion do u use???! Sumthing tht not sell 4 public?? Privately 4 u only??

        Adoooh ampuun Tuhaan!!! My pervy imagination!!!!

      • Tuhan mengampunimu…krd Dia cape banyak bgt yg minta ampun saking seringnya kita berimajinasi liar gr2 TVXQ (include me, damn oppa! U just too hot!!!)

        Oh we’ll yes he’ a man aft all, bt still those aspects I mentioned b4 were somethg he supposed 2be proud of Do u knw how they affected my live? When I’m w my fren, or wherev I was, I simply lookin at man’ groin shamelessly (Oh man, all of them got no bigger than oppa n su’ groin) (God…forgive me 4being naughty lil girl) Jae: *threw bricks* yah! Lil girl ur ass!!! U r old! Rev: yah onnie!!! I’m younger thn u!!! Jae: yet my groin also as big as them! Rev: psh…onnie…I dun think so… Jae: yah! Need evidence?! *pulled off his jeans simply w his boxer* Rev: o__O” *culdnt tke eyes off*

        Err…I need 2stop myself rite away… -__-”

      • Mel says:

        Bwahahaha… i’m cryin’ histericaly now!! I m lookin’ at his waist n u r looking at his groin??? N u sized every man around u???!

        Bwahahahaha.. ouch, my stomach! Shame on u!!!

        How can u sized a man’ trough his pant aniwei??! The Super X-ray Invincible Shameless Eyes???!! Piiiiis…..

      • What? Wasn’t my fault though…those pants just…shaped into sexy V…bt no bigger than TVXQ
        (If its bigger, I guess he’ in horny state n his lil bro down there erected)

        Nt only groin actually, I look at their jawline, collarbone, waistline, manboobs, abdomen, sexy thighs too, its a luck if I can see barely, n jackpot when I see oppa’ bare body…AMEN!!!

        Damn! I’ll die frm some major nosebleed soon n its all TVXQ’ fault…

      • Mel says:

        Whooot??! U practically peel them off layer to layer!! Shameee on u!!

        Actually, i once saw man striptease show at SG. N my thought was, na ah, not interesting..

        Now if i think it again, if only yunho oppa was the one who danced back then. Oouch, i’ll definitely die due my profuse nosebled!

        About Yoosu, nope, i don’t like yoosu couple. I know damn well they r not an item (they dun have the same air compared 2 yunjae ^^).

        I only admire them due their role in tvxq. Su’ high clear voice vs Yoo’ super rough one. Perfect combi!!

      • Yes bb, they r nt really into each other, bt I prefer yoosu rather than u2 nor soulmate nor hosu nor jaesu… I mean they need 2devide d uke n seme role in every couple rite? N I began 2think tht junsu more likely an uke rather than seme…so hosu won’t work… U2? Both of their appereance r seme…nah *shook head* it won’t work either…

        N its only my mind imaginin peel off their clothes layer by layer bt no1 culd activated my hormones as oppa did… N he did it in monitor n nt live in my bare eyes!!! I mean, if I see him strip LIVELY in my bare eyes, no I won’t die, I’ll end up raping him day by day, nite by nite cz he damn HAWT (who won’t?) Omo! I’m so into jail lately, my criminal mode turned on -__-”

        N ths s d 117th comment in 1post…aww…big hit…jackpot…

      • mel says:

        nooooo.. u cant rape him!!!
        i’ll protect his chastity ^^!
        i’ll evacuate him to a safe (note: deserted) place then rape him myself, wakakakkakaka… (imagine my devil horns, fangs n tail n my hunger wolf’ smile ^^)!

        n yup!!! this is the 118th comment! my finger was supeeer tireeeed frm all the scrollings (scrolling my phone frm top to d bottom *sigh*). yet i m excited to wait ur every reply ^^!

      • Me too bb
        Its like my inbox fulfilled w comments frm u n nt my personal email nor SMS
        Bt hey, I never knw commentin culd be like chattin ^^

        N no u won’t rape oppa
        Me n onnie will save him, since we both got deal bot 3some
        Again…me n my perv brain…

        Ooh, I saw it! I saw ur red huge devil horns n ur fangs n tail…
        (Suddenly remember harry potter n prisoner of azkaban -__-“)

        Oh well I’m excited too waitin 4ur reply bb…
        I dunno u, vice versa, bt all ths yunjaeness gathered us n create such topic 4us 2discuss
        Oppa, onnie, gumawo…
        Thx 4makin me got lots fren ^^

      • mel says:

        he2, kochirou koso, the pleasure is mine ^^! sorry if i spammed here. i just couldn’t help myself but keep replying >_<!

        'bout the 3P, how if we change it into 4P (including me inside oc ^^)? too packed ^^? too many too handle?? poor oppa… gambatte ne, i know u can do it!!

        btw, i've been wondering.. since u like yunjae, do like yaoi too? yaoi manga n dorama? i'm a freaking diehard yaoi fangirl actually ^^ *blush*

        aniwei, who the hell in HP 3 who has horns, fang n tail??? i read HP more than 10 times n couldn't recall who u meant.

      • D professor who was a werewolf bb
        N mianhe I fel asleep…

        4some? Oh well u culd help me when both yunjae wanna top at same time ^^

        N yes I luv yaoi
        I lv readin better than watchin actually bt some yaoi muvie like antique, dangerous love (infame~~~), err I forget d rest…
        N fanfic…OMG I luv yunjae ff!!!
        Lately I read THE OCEAN WE SWAM whch used 2 named river flows in u, I forget d author, bt luv d way she xplain evrythg there, simple n light, nt xplainin d process bt more focused 2 d way they feel…

        N yaoi porn? Oh well…err…
        How bot u?

      • Mel says:

        Yiruma’ River flows in u?? Wow, tht must be sumthing! I love thz piece like hell!!

        Actually, i m not into ff. Or u can say haven’t into ff YET ^^! Guess God of FF haven’t call my ff soul yet, ehehe..

        I read one b4, but it felt weird to read story w/ actual person as the chara ^^! Maybe u can recommend a very good one n i can develope interest on it ^^!

        Porn yaoi??! Only one word, TOP NOTCH!!!!!!!

        I m soo boring w/ common (read: porn ^^) manga, so i switched into yaoi. Porns r d best, ‘though i dun mind shounen-ai if d story is good n d artwork is beautiful ^^!

        Whot ’bout u? U dun like yaoi porn *plead*?

      • I heart tht song too!!! Its best piece tht I put on my FF aswell ^^

        No, nt tht song…just browse the ocean we swam, its quite good FF… Do u knw autumndreamer? She’ such great author too N minholover N jaeho N sweetspring N etc etc I got like 600 FFs in my lapie

        Eh, yaoi porn? Actually I got 1vid of it in my lapie too… Itys weird huh? Me, girl, culd turn on by a yaoi porn Oh well straigh porn s boooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg They always play like tht, hardcore, slow, sex party, only a lil contain yaoi porn, n yet more r (nt lesbian) bt woman pleasurin each other… A frien of my fren, whch gay said, boyxboy tasted better, boy r tighter, hotter, last longer, n double pleasure (mostly 4uke) Omo! I dun wanna lose frm them! I need 2keep oppa satisfied w me!!!! Jae: oh no I can’t…I always been better… Rev: -__-”

  • yeomi says:

    have you watched the episode of Happy Together with DBSK? there’s a Yunjae moment that is really suspicious there..

    • Yes I hve
      Whch 1 bb?
      D way oppa play w onnie’ jawline?
      Or when oppa sang almost success n onnie desperately cover his mouth frm behind n earn a huge sclupted groin frm oppa?
      Or…I guess I need 2watch it again…
      Suddenly remember achun’ face when he tried 2make park myung soo laugh…
      OMG I need 2watch their variety show once again!!!
      Where’ my HDP? Where’ my dvd collection?!
      *found 1*
      *played it*

  • mel says:

    pheeeew.. finally..
    sorry 4 d late reply… today is a very hectic day…

    woo hoo, u rock beybuh ^^!! such details! (guess d pleasure is b’coz of d prostate gland’ stimulation). i hear woman like anal too, ‘though i dun understand how >_.<!

    • mel says:

      btw,, do u read yaoi manga n homo erotic nov? they r good, really ^^! way much detail n more exciting than common story , he2… porn r boring after sometime n i think manga n nov r better (up to our imagination right ^^?)

      oh yeah, yesterday i read topic in yunjae everlasting. some1 named Hiroshi posted a very amazing deduction ’bout yunjae n i kinda… wow… amazed…
      they talked ’bout xman ep too, which had yunjae n se7en on it. do u know w/ ep is it? i couldn’t find it >.<!! i only have ep #69…

      • I forget bb, I’ll just check my coll later…
        Omo! Yunjae always amazing!!!
        They brought many topic 2 every1
        Yet they r too real 2be fake

        N about manga…
        I forget d title bt it tells bot a doctor n his patient
        Or its a teacher w his student?
        I forget…

        Bb, I want d manga, do u hve its softcopy?

    • Actually man luv when they cum in their lover’ face
      Amazed imagine how oppa’ face when he saw onnie engulf his length…
      N how oppa’ face when he reach his top by cum in onnie’ mouth…
      Jae: I was awesome back then till he went roughly on 2nd round…I barely walk d next day…
      Rev: -__-”
      Jae: *spacin out* aah…yunnieeee…
      Rev: *smacked jae’ head*
      Jae: YAH!!!
      Rev: *ran away*

      • Mel says:

        Oooh… So tht’s d lotion he uses!!

        Onnie, plz share w/ me!!! Puhliseeee…

      • Share wht bb?
        Do u knw man’ milky cum contain lots of protein?
        N havin great sex culd gve u best confident beside as pleasure-sport
        Noe begin…me n my perv brain…

      • mel says:

        milk is good 4 health, ahem.. n sex is waaay better than any exercise ever!! bwahahahhahaha… imagine all d fat n calories burning!! better way than stuck urself at gym ^^!

        *reminiscence to d past*
        there’s once in my ol’ day when i encountered a mid age woman. she had a rash due to protein allergic.
        d doctor advice her to avoid d allergens, any food tht contains protein.
        then she asked, “how ’bout human protein doc? it tht forbidden too?”
        the doc stood froze for a few secs then burst out loud.
        i laughed so hard tht i had to leave d room n didn’t know the answer.

        does sperm forbidden 4 protein allergic patient aniwei ^^?? i m pretty curious till now! poor woman….

      • I wonder too…
        Lucky I dun hve tht kind of allergic or else oppa won’t satisfied w me
        *killed by onnie*
        Count how many times I get killed by onnie…
        N bb, ur email had arrived bt I can’t open it in my phone
        Need 2connect my lapie asap
        N get my modem back…

  • yeomi says:

    the one with all of DBSK in Happy Together..

    in the beginning were they are talking about Park Myungsoo’s date on Hong Seok Cheon’s cafe. Hong Seok Cheon is the first artist to admitted that he was gay in 2000 and blacklisted on the entertainment industry.. then came back year 2005 with the show “COMING OUT”. Everyone was curious if YunJae will be in that show to come out. Then during the presscon of Hong Seok Cheon’s show, the reporter asked him if he already talk to gays on the showbiz.

    he replied was: “i have talked to a “very famous couple” you guys already have talking about”

    so you think it’s YunJae? because they are the famous couple and they are the most talk about couple.

    Then in the Happy Together, Yunho said that he was in a Hong Seok Cheon cafe with a “hyung”. Then he said that he was going to say hi to MyungSoo but “hyung” (hong seok cheon) stop him because he might get beaten up. they are close to Hong seok cheon.

    MyungSoo added that he heard that TVXQ was there in the cafe drinking. But Su, Chun, Min said they are not in cafe and YunJae was stuttering when they said that only the two of them were there eating steak that night.

    • Omo! Tht part!
      Aah I remember it…
      So thts wht they all were talkin bot…
      Aww bb thx 4remind me of d past

      My BGF once tell me tht story
      Yet I wonder
      She’ nt into yunjae bt got lotta news bot them…
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      • yeomi says:

        so it’s true right???

        Hong Seok Cheon said that he already talk to a very famous it might the Yunjae

        You’re welcome unnie! XD

      • Oh well almost all yunjaeshippers thought so
        It maybe yunjae…
        Aah…I just remember d rumor I need 2post…
        I guess it related n strengthen it…

      • yeomi says:

        and what news is that unnie??

        can you share with us??

      • Which1?
        Kinda confuse when I use phone 2reply comment…
        I need 2check my blog asap…

  • yeomi says:

    ooohhh i read yaoi manga and animes!!!

    i have yaoi animes dvd and yaoi manga scans.. ahaha

    • Mel says:

      Wooohoo, way to go Yeomi ^^! Same synch aura ^^!!!

      W/ is ur fav yaoi manga/ dorama?

    • Bb, I want d scans…
      Can u send it 2me?

      • mel says:

        i have some homo erotic novels n bunches yaoi mangas (hard n soft yaoi).

        there’s a homoerotic nov i reaaaaally fond to!!! i dunno if u read it or not, but but but.. it’s superb!!! it’s not a nov, it’s not a fiction, it’s a BIBLEEEE!!!

        it’s if u like, i can send them to u now.

        w/ is ur email address? the one where we received this forum notification from?

      • Okkies bb send it 2me
        I guess I ve add ur YM so I can see my email there…
        Ooohh just watch bonamana danced by nye boys in IMB transTV
        Now thts wht I call manly…
        Dup durududup durududup…

      • mel says:

        i m pretty “gaptek” actually. i couldn’t find ur mail addrs n when i tried to replied this forum mail n attached the file, it didin’t work!!! stupid connection!!!!! i’ll keep trying *sigh*…

        bonamana? not bad actually, but in my eyes it’s pretty similar w/ sorry sorry mv ^^!

        @yeomi: i dun really like minami sensei artworks. 4 me, it’s boring.. (sorry, no offense ^^). i prefer kou fujisaki, fujiyama hyouta, ike reibun, kisaragi hirotaka, makoto tateno n masara minase’ artworks ^^! much better, both the artwork n the storyline, ehehehhehe…

      • Omo! U r xpert when it comes 2yaoi manga!!!

        Oh ok I’ll send u an email then
        Yes I dun really like bonamana (nt only cz there’ no kang in there bt also) cz it sound familiar just like sorry2 xcept d hip-dance part (4tht ‘thrustin’ I clapped my hands joyfully)

        *yelled outloud* #cassbelieveintvxq *kissed by oppa* *killed by onnie*

  • yeomi says:

    ooohhh can’t wait for your another post!!!

    ok i will going to send you all my yaoi manga scans..

    and they are all in hard want that huh? you want that? ahaha.. ^^

    • I waaaaaaannnnnnntttttt

      Oohh we’re trendin #cassbelieveintvxq in twitter noe n we got 1st place at trendin topic (2nd place s bonamana)
      Damn! Cassies r awesome!!!
      I proudly claimed myself as 1 frm billions cassies who always keep the faith in them…

      Oh bb, send it 2 my email…
      I ve add ur YM btw

  • yeomi says:

    just tell me your emails and i will send the scans..^^ minami haruka’s yaoi manga are all my favs..XDD

  • Yunjaefan says:

    Hmmm This is sooo cool! I just found this post altho it’s quite long ago, sorry! How do u get all ur sources and rumours? I wish I hv Korean Cassie/ jap bigeast friend who stalks yunjae! Hahaha. Then I’ll know soo many things! Haha. Oh man (if) they are really real, this whole thing must be terrible for them. I hope they can keep the relationship alive among all the mess. Do u happen to know any more news/rumours now? Like after the dome concerts and all. *puppy eyes* pls update if u do! 🙂

    • Aaahhh *blush* its nt tht cool *shy* *hit wall*

      I got some frm my BGF n some frm past news n some frm my fanblog
      N we do analyze it as 1
      So yea…ths wht u got

      Till noe I hvnt hear any bb…
      Just slight fact bot onnie sang (whch all cassie believe) 2 homin while cried
      My BGF said d 1st concert was d best, all u can witness r how we always keep the faith in them, believin everythg s gonna be okay soon n we do always support them, till d point d3 broke up tering their eyes out in 1st song
      Whole concert fulfilled w tears of believin, hummed of hopes n wishes
      Aah I’m tearin off again
      Tissue! Tissue!! Tissue!!!

      AKTF!!! ^^

  • Yunjaefan says:

    heyy, can i ask u something again? that supposed date that yunjae had on 8feb, was it in japan or korea? did it take place after some event or award show? or they just met up randomly? i heard abt the date b4, but cannot really rmb where. thanks! =)

    • oh well bb im nt really sure its look like japan, my BGF mentioned bot shibuya n blablabla (a gay bar name, or distric area, i dun really catch it since its japanese name) bt maybe i get it wrong…hmm… or its korea? i’ll go get onnie jae: get out!!! im nt talkin w u!!! *threw pillow* rev: o__O” *ran away* err bb, i guess he’s in PMS mode rite noe, mian… *yelled* yah onnie! although i enjoyed it, oppa’ hug last time only 2comfort me while im in my breakin point frm ass! why u act like all jealous school girl? aish!

    • mel says:

      Hi, r u guys talking ’bout Yunjae date @ last 8th feb? r ths connected w/ reva’ main topic above, ’bout gay bar in gay district?

      Did their secret date happened in gay bar?? Woooow!!!

      *imitate Sherlock*
      Hmmm.. suspicious indeed *nod* *nod*. If there’ nothing 2 hide, why they date there? Sound fishy 4 me ^^!

      Aniwei, how d yunjae shippers knew all of this??? Like JJ paid 4 their dinner, etc etc..
      As much as I admiring their ‘awesome’ stalking ability, but I can’ imagine life like tht ^^! No privacy @ all >_<!

      • Yunjaefan says:

        hahaha yeaa i really dunno how the fans manage to get hold of such info… seriously…. don’t tell me they really follow them like glue to spy on them, or maybe their phones/any electronic devices are bugged! hahahhaha. who knows. and yeaa they really have no privacy, but that’s a price to pay if u wanna be a celebrity. many other celebs have no privacy whatsoever too. if they really dated in gay bar…. hmmm…i mean, i dun quite know about gay bars, but i don’t suppose straight men would go there right? hahahahahahha. ok.

      • then we shuld get same thought bot d fangirl (stalker) maybe waitin outside
        wait a sec
        last time i saw, d piccu was frm inside
        s it a fanboy who stalk them?
        ugh bb, d piccu already worldwide, u can search it maybe…
        i forget where i save it in my lappie

      • mel says:

        bwahahahahahaha, nice.. nice.. device bugs?? interesting theory ^^! maybe it’ true.. if not, where were all d phone rumors came from, right ^^? ha2, my imagination goes wild again ^0^!

        ’bout d gay bar.. well, i think d rumor is true!!
        i think yunjae r accustomed to visit gay bar or resto tgt.
        remember when they had dinner @ HSC’ resto? d resto is supeeeer romantic riiight >0_<!)

        tht' obvious enough 4 me 2 believe tht yunjae r really real. not 2 mention tht their last date was happened in gay bar too, ahem ^^!

      • bt how culd their phone being bugged?
        so some1 stole it n bug it?
        srsly, if its onnie’ phone, i’ll go straight 2photo’ folder n ready 2nosebleed
        i mean TVXQ+secret piccu=PRECIOUS!!!
        moreover oppa’ 1 in toilet, or junsu in bathroom

      • oh well they had their privacy in apartment, or at least bedroom bb
        although i actually wanna know wht happen inside it, bt heck who wont angry when u being stalked while makin out (i hope they r)

        n i thought all comments above mostly talk bot their lil meetin in tht bar though

        OMG moliv, i need more!!!

      • Mel says:

        Eeeeeh, u have d pixie??! Send it 2 me puhliseeee *tear* *tear* I m dying 2 know ToT!

        Actually, i dunno anything ’bout their last date. Only slight rumors n d info u gave >_<! So i'll be grateful if any1 provides me any detail, he2!

      • its only a blur 1, bt its clear tht yunjae were havin their time there
        err…or maybe they w d rest of d member bt yoosumin nt captured in stalker sight?
        oh bb, its worldwide pic already
        bt i’ll sent it 2u later aft i find it somewhere in my lappie, between this millions piccu

      • mel says:

        I’ll look forward then ^^! Lemme know if u find it plis, thankies ^^!

    • JJ4eVa says:

      hi girls.. sorry to butt in, bout yunjae 8th feb date it was in korea, and yunjae celebrate yunho’s bday that time.. 🙂 and if i’m not wrong it’s not in gay bar, but a pub or something like that….

  • Yunjaefan says:

    Hahaha ur reply is really funny! Thanks anyway! 🙂

  • yeomi says:

    oh rev!!!!!!! me too, please send one copy too of your pixie please!!!!

    oh i have a news, you know this?

    they said it’s a secret..but i don’t know..

    it’s from my friend here in cassph and she got this from a reliable source.

    last month or april, YUNJAE bought a house in Japan.

    i ask her if it is “living together”..and she said yes..


    • mel says:

      Huaaaaaaaa Yeomiiiiiiii, u really r my sunshine in this cloudy day ^^!!!!!!
      Thank you so very much, hon!!!!

      Dunno if it’s true or not, but whatever, i love rumor!!!

      My faith bar’ increasing to MAX!! YAAAAAY!!!!

      PS: actually, i kinda depressed bcoz the last bad rumor, but thank GOD it turned out to be false, ehehehhe ^///^!

    • AMEN!!!!

      i hardly hope (even beg on my knees) that its true!!!

      omo yeomi i luv u!!!! *kiss* *hug*
      thx for sharing such a happy (i hope fact) rumor

    • Yunjaefan says:

      wow! if it’s a rumour it’s a pretty strange one… cos buying a house is a huge thing! (right!) other than the huge amount of money involved, u prob have to get agents/lawyers? as well. hahaha i’m not too sure.

      and yunho is hardly in japan nowadays!! =((

      but omg if it’s true, the implications!!!!!! yunjae!!!

  • yeomi says:

    yeah me too MEL!!!!!!!!! i don’t care if it is just a rumor or what.. I’m happy that YunJae will finally live together, well they are living together before but this is somewhat different. hehehe ^^

    what bad rumor is it MEL?

    • mel says:

      He2, actually it’s not a bad news, but IT’S bad for me.

      it’s about JYJ sued SM 30M won as their share for DBSK’ profit. 10M won per person, so total 30 M won. it made me feel dejected bcoz they forgot 2 include Yunho n Minnie’s share, rite >__<?

      When i read that news, I felt so sad bcoz i thought why JYJ only cared about their self. Thank God, it turned out 2 be false, ehehehhe… *phew*

      So your rumor is like a light in the middle of my confused day, yaaay!! thanks a lot for that!!

      Btw, about the pixie.. i have a pic, which said 2 be the pic of the "memorable" date of yunjae @ 8th feb 2010. but somehow, some ppl said tht it's an oldies. i dunno which one is true. if you want it, i can send it to you. maybe you can help me confirm the validity of tht pic ^^!

      • yeomi says:

        ohhh yeah i read that article, 30M. i think it’s because Yunho-appa and Changmin was still under SM so they didn’t include them.. i think. hehehe

        yeah, about that rumor that YunJae will be living together because they already bought the house in Japan, i think it’s not a rumor. they didn’t said it’s a RUMOR right?

        well, anyway PARK YONG-HA died. And they said that Yunho is in the funeral right now, i hope Jaejoong will go to the funeral and meet his hubby. Condolence to the family and friends of PARK YONG-HA.

        oh please send me the picture!!!!!! XDD

      • mel says:

        Yeomiii, i couldn’t find that pic T___T!!! *cries*
        I forgot where i put tht thing, noooo!! I really need to tidy up, my DBSK n Yunjae things r really in total chaos…

        Instead, i found the pic which I tittled Yunjae’s date @ 8th feb 2010, but it’s not the pic i’m looking for… it’s an old pic, captured when yunjae was (rumored) entering a gay bar. i dunno whether it’ true or not.

        If you still want this “accidentally found” pic, i can send to you. just let me know ur mail address ^^!

        “bout the “rumored” pixie, maybe we should ask reva, perhaps she can help us ^^!

        Well, about d new house, can i ask ’bout sumthing ^^? *plead*
        I’ve been thinking, JJ is living in Japan, i know. but i think Yunnie lives in Korea (with all his recent activities?). so, how can they considered living together in japan?? *confuse* *confuse*

        Ehehehhehehe, sorry.. i didn’t mean to question d rumor, but i m desperately want to convince myself tht d rumor is true! let’ just say tht’s my sceptical side kicked in, kyahahahaha ^^!

        Aniwei, who is PARK YONG-HA??? He2, sorry 4 my lack of info here, i’m not really into korean entertainment ^^! Did he somehow had any connection with Yunjae or DBSK?

  • yeomi says:

    REV-unnie!!!!! please send me a copy of you pixies too..pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee! *on bended knees*


  • yeomi says:

    please send me the pic!!! i hope you can find the other one, MEL. XDD

    about that rumor, i don’t know.. but they said that. And Yunho was flying to japan too and go back to korea.. so i think they bought that house for each other, and if they were back to japan, there’s a place that they can go home too.. hehehe

    and if everything was ok, they can live together in peace ne? XD

    about PARK YONG-HA, he is Jaejoong-eomma’s best friend. Yunho-appa attend the funeral, but Jaejoong-eomma was in L.A right now..

  • okaaaayyyy what had i missed in ths weeks-of-my-dissapeareance?
    huhuhu i guess i need lotta to catch up…

    umm…i’ll try to fin d piccu bb ^^

    n i had bad feeling
    not bot tvxq i guess, its about lets-torture-reva mode from my college
    oh well me myself who think it as a torture
    i mean what worse than live in a village w/ signal nor inet nor phone
    i cant update bot oppa 2months later!!!!

    GOD! (on knees, hand held hi) please, help me!!!

    • mel says:

      EEEEH???! Where d hell r u going 2 go??? Sumwhere remoted w/o inet or phone 4 two WHOLE months?? I’ll be dead 4 sure >__<! And i thought i had face d worst when my college sent me 2 Murnajati, Lawang 4 whole a month, but yours is faaar disasterific, bwahahahhaha… Made me wonder, where d heck is this helluva place located. Still in middle Java, i guess?

      Well, aniwei, g'luck 2 u where ever u r, sweety ^^! I'm really gonna miss u so very much, ahahhaha.. Just make sure u return 2 us asap 'kay ^^? When will u leave?

      @ Yeomi:
      Yeomi darl, i've seen the pixies 2 u. hope u like it ^^!

      @ Yunjaefan:
      What u said is soooo true ^^! Bought a house is d same with commitment, more than a pair of rings i think.. But once again, i think Yunjae r really having a serious relationship here. Remember their Cartier rings^^? (which means Marriage/Engagement n Secret Love).
      And they managed 2 maintain their relationship until now. Much longer than many average, normal couples had, riiiite?

      Well, rumor is rumor, it's up 2 us 2 believe it or not. Good rumor wouldn't hurt aniwei, tht's why i lub them ^^! so i choose 2 believe this one (talking 'bout myYunjae Deficiency Syndrom, bwahahahhaha!)

      • Yunjaefan says:

        yea i totally agree. good rumours are good!!! keep them coming, rumours sometime have an element of truth in them =))) buying a house is totally crazy commitment unless they’re so rich (which i don’t think so!) that they can buy houses whenever they want.

        i’ve nv really understood the cartier rings stuff. wasn’t a fan at that time… went to backtrack and till now am still confused. HAHAHA. but it’s ok! i don’t even know how the fans manage to spot such things. seriously they have very sharp eyes. and yea, if they did manage to maintain their r/s until now, it’s very amazing. much longer than normal couples, and especially in their kind of environment.

      • mel says:

        He2, that’s exactly what i meant ^^! i know 4 years relationship is not forever, but it’s not easy even 4 a normal couple, riiite? moreover, in their case, considering their circumstance, i’ll say it’s amazing!

        ’bout their income… hmm, i really dunno how much did they earn as DBSK. but reva did say that they REALLLLLY earned a LARGEEE amount of sums. she said some ppl even mention tht in Tokyo Dome concert, they earned 99 billions won (around $ 100,000,000 rite?)!! is that true Rev???

        if it’s true, then OMG!!! even in my dream i don’t have tht much money >__<!! i know they have a large income, but never imagine 2 that extend ^^!

        *Yunnie, please marry me! i promise i wouldn't demand a cartier ring. i will only ask 1 carat diamond every month, bwahahhahahahaha…* (yeah, wake up garl ^^!)

        PS: i lub cassie' super sharp eyes too! i myself don't really pay attention 2 simple matters like that! that's why i give two thumb up 2 them, 4 pointing trivial but crucial things 2 us,lmao ^^!

  • OMG bb…
    im sorrrrrrrryyyyyy
    its just, d preparation of my hiatus take a looooonnnnnggg journey
    umm i just over explainin…

    so i just bought lotta stuffes to keep me survive in tht village
    as i said, its so damn worst!
    i mean, even d bathroom located outside beside a cows stall!!!
    oh cmon, if i dun die cz no update of oppa, i surely die cz strezz!!!
    it feels like lets-rid-reva-from-d-world challange…

    n i have to cook for whole member of my group!
    w only anglo n wood!!!
    n many chicken
    n still, no signal!

    i leave ths 5th bb, wish me luck

    all my blogfan, i luv u so much *share jae’ kiss*

  • danilu182 says:

    omg omg yay!!!! =D well I don’t know if it’s true but I’m sooo happy that I’m going to believe =) thank uuuu, u made my day
    ps: sorry for my bad english…I suck -.-U

    • Gwenchana bb, at least u try
      N let’s learning english ^^ I’m suck too

      N yep, yunjae beyond real…
      If only u recollect all their fact, ‘fanservice’ won’t flew in ur mind replaced by ‘real’


      • danilu182 says:

        hohohoh I’m already reading all their facts that I can XDDD I know they r real!!!!! jaja I have no wonders..or I don’t want to have o_O jeje I love this couple since I saw “making of dangerous love” in a random place XDD I didn’t know who were they at all!! ’cause I’m from Argentina haha but I finally know!!!! and I won’t leave them ¬.¬ hahah

      • Yes bb, dangerous love was their 1st hit to revealed…
        Since then, many of cassie believe in them

        Ths lawsuit really destroy us, huh?
        If only they culd meet each other publicly (n nt secretly, I mean they do inneed of each other n its killing them d same w us to be unable to meet on public)


  • Karla says:

    Why hello there fallow Yunjae shipper:) My name is karla and I am glad I found your site. First of all I’m a Yunjae 100% believer and from my heart is believe Yunjae are more than friends and brothers. You know, since i don’t have friends to share the yunjae with, I’m glad i found you:) All yunjae believers are like family to me. So, i was wondering if you could tell me some stuff you know about the yunjae? If you can and want to here is my email: Btw, i’m from mexico:)

    • Hi karla, I’m reva, or infame w peternakhamster
      Welcome 2my useless blog ^^

      Yes beib, all yunjaeshipper r family
      Ok I’ll add u later
      *shock* omo! Even yunjae got fans in mexico
      Glad 2have friend from far away country ^^
      If u heard any frm them, let me know ok beib?

      Anyway were u in LA when JYJ there?
      S LA n mexico got far distance?
      Sorry 4my lacking english…I’m nt really fluent though…

      • areyouwet says:

        Hello reva:) Thank you for welcoming me. Yes, Yunjae has fans in mexico-around the whole world. Sure, i will let you know:)
        Sadly, I don’t live in LA, so i couldn’t see themD: From mexico to LA is about….3 hours, so, it ain’t far. And don’t worry your english is good: i can understand it:)

      • Woah, glad to hear tht

        Yunjae got supports all around d world


        n its only 3hrs bt crossing other country right?


  • danilu182 says:

    uuffff yep…lawsuit T^T buuuu yeah it destroy us!! . I know…I see jae kind of sad…it’s becouse of yunho…buuu they have to be together!!! they belong to each other >.< I hope they will go through this..they need each other! they will b fine I know that!! =D

    • Yes bb, always believe tht they’ll pass ths hard state strongly n success at d end…
      They just unseparatable

      Uugh miss their lovey dovey act publicly more!

  • JJ4eVa says:

    the gay bar thing, well yunjae got trouble bcoz of that.. 🙂
    thanks for sharing this.. lots of yunjae’s secrets were hidden from us.. 🙂

    • hey beib, welcum ^^
      uh huh, lotta we need to know bot them yet we cant cz its their life…
      actually i pity onnie n oppa 4being unhave such private life since we crave on it
      bt hey, its a celebrity’ consecuency

      r u livin in korea?
      do u hve anymore proves bot d gay bar or their meet?
      pretty please?

      • JJ4eVa says:

        nope i’m not koreab honey, i’m indonesian just like u, but yeah i have my source.. XD i do have complete story behind that gay bar thing.. 🙂

      • o__O”
        TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
        *gve jae’ infame puppy eyes*

        jae: oh no u cant use my puppy eyes like me…
        rev: all ur fault 4nt tellin me whole story bot tht nite *pout*
        jae: all i can say tht its a wonderful nite 4yunnie…n stop poutin! ur face like a fish…
        rev: YAH!

      • JJ4eVa says:

        will tell u but not here, u can add my YM or send me an email, i reply to you..
        here is my address : *hidden*

      • i’ll just send u an email then beib…

        cant wait!

        gumawo >.<
        *blow kiss frm jae*

      • mchan says:

        can i know the story too pleaseeeee?? i beg you… *kneel in both knees*

        so JJ4eVa is indonesian too? hi, nice to meet you too ^^! where do live hon ^^? hope u live in surabaya like me. i don’t have any yunjae fren here to talk with >____<! i practically talked to wall!! so lonely….

      • comment #208
        big hit…big hit…
        i wanna say thanks to God, oppa, onnie, achun, su, minmin
        all bows i presented to pervness, yaoi, my geniusity, sarcasm, nudity, n all openminded ppl who respect others…
        i luv u all, i luv u my fanblogs, umma luv u bb bloggie

  • jeongmay says:

    omo omo omo….
    i’m so late of this articles….
    i’m so interested with ur post…
    can u share d facts or evidences about yunjae couple pliz pliz pliz…..especially about d gay bar things…
    my email + YM :
    this couple really drives me crazy…o__O

    • beib mianhe~
      i ve promised some ppl to keep it secret
      bt u can get hints frm comments above

      oh if u got any hints or new fact n u willing to
      u can share w me n maybe we can discuss it together, me u n other reader

  • jeongmay says:

    so unfortunately…:'((
    yeah i got some hints from d comments above but i juz wanna know d detail story of them…
    coz sometimes i just think is it really possible to b really happened for them??
    they looked like d real namja so i begin to doubt every yunjae facts that i read but yeah again n again their story was so attract my interest n cant stop my mind to find out d truth…
    i really hope u can help me…
    oh gosh..*sigh*
    maybe u can tell some that u can share 4 me…
    if u dont mind we can talk from YM…=)

    • huhuhuhu gomen ne~
      chongmal mianhe…

      i’ll just sorting things out n tell u wht it culd be tell ^^
      bt dun put ur asumption too hi
      maybe u already knw some of it, or maybe some of it dun show anythg…

  • Love_Knot says:

    Hello darling ^^
    Care to add me in my ym??
    yunjae is truly real.. ♥
    No pics or vids can deny their love..
    Im missing Yunjae lately..since dbsk is semi split into JYJ and homin..
    maybe we can talk and spazz about them in email or in ym..??!
    Im a huge fan of Yunjae and i’ve been into kpop since 2008..
    and i know that their fanservice isnt just ordinary fanservice..
    since everyone can see the way their eyes sparkle whenever they talk or just look at each other… pure love bb! :DD
    Oh.. and i wanna ask you about the club and gay bar thing if you dont mind??

    • hey beib, yes yunjae is real
      somethg exist dun need to be clear in d eyes…

      i’ll just add u sometimes when my conn kinda fine ^^
      ish it ok?
      actually u can read those fact above by comments
      n yet i dun really know it, it us who think n gve hints bot it
      so i cant promise i can tell u lots…

      • Love_Knot says:

        have you added me yet?? xDD bb sorry for bugging u.. ^^
        by the way i saw this

        i knew it! i always knew they were dating! :DD *hi5*
        and i wanted to ask if what the OP said was true.. since i knew that 75% of what she said was true..

        And Did Yunho really got force to date Go Ara by his dad?! o.o
        We should really chat in ym..
        i need someone to talk to about DBSK and mostly yunjae..
        gah. all i have in my contacts are ELFs and Shawols..
        i need cassie friends.. :<

      • i heard its SMe darl, beside his dad (my soon-to-be-in-law-dad ^^)
        i ve post it in my blog…
        bot d lawsuit n rumor behind it
        n my opinion…
        i cant get into my YM darl..
        i’ll just try it again okkies?

      • love_knot says:

        about the link.. np sweetie!! 😀
        i hope we can talk on ym since i know there’s a time difference.
        I just hope i can catch you when im Online.
        btw can u gimmie pics of yunjae..
        i’ve been yunjae deprived lately.. xD
        thanx in advance bb.. ❤

      • Where r u frm darl? I guess d opposite of my land n we got lotta time differences ^^ N yes darl i hope we can talk on YM so u can share wht u knw n we can squeal together

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Love_Knot says:

        im from the Phil. bb.
        How about u sweetie??
        *sighs* whenever i check my YM you aren’t Online.. :< *pouts*
        starting tomorrow I'll be a bit busy again. since School takes away mostly my free time. Can u believe it?! i go to school at 6am and i go home at 5pm. O.O
        I really hope i can catch you in ym.
        I really really need someone to spazz and squeel to on ym.

        my online friends are always spazzing on Suju and SHINee and im getting tired of hearing the name of Onew and Taemin.(and npo i aint hating on them xD)

        sorry for ranting here. lol. i am so bored. hha.
        oh btw i listening to DBSK's Album. the 3rd asia tour concert album. xD
        sorry for being random darling. xDD ok. i gotta stop now.

        :DD i cant wait to talk to u~

      • aww…actually we’ close country darl, i guess…it still separated by ocean though
        umm…guess it urself where i came frm ^^

        oh well conSUCKtion in my country kinda SUCK
        thts why i mostly cant connect into YM

        n OMG! am til 5pm sharp?
        r u in ur last grade of ur hischool?
        i remember my used-schedule, exam 6am till 8am continued w school till 3pm n then continue w adding class till 7pm, home 4dinner n do homework n study, n tomorrow do same schedule
        thts hischoolar’ life darl…

        i also wanna chat w u >.<
        lotta we can spazz n gigglin together ^^

  • guirotic says:

    Hi! I’m a huge YunJae fanboy and believer! And I really really think they’re real! Could you add me on MSN please? ♥

  • thisisdj says:

    this may be too late. but please do reply me back!!!
    cuz i want to see the proof! :X may i? please?
    please email me! i’m very new to yunjae and i starting to love this pair!!

    this is my email!

    • I do reply although im late ^^ sorry unable to connect inet really was suffering me Bot d proof, i ve seen it somewhere in inet already U can search it, its worldwide already Bt d other proof was locked by my BGF Gomen ne~ N u choose best couple! Welcome to yunjae world darl ^^ u can pick facts frm other post i ve made n comments above If u hear new rumor, let me knw We can share madness n spazzing ^^

      Sent from my iPhone

  • DJ says:

    please please can i have the proof
    my email is
    i need some yunjaeeee~~ 🙂

  • maxic says:

    I am SO SO SO SO LATE.
    actually I knew that they are real, but I just curious for your story when ur BGF told u abt this.
    And I feel annoyed lately, there r some rumour abt jae.
    share with me pwease.

    • d proof already wordlwide darl, i ve seen so many on twitpic bot yunjae’ secret date
      n bot wht my BGF told me T__T” still im so sorrrryyyyy i cant tell u
      *dyin frm savin secret*

      • Yunjaefan says:

        i hope u don’t mind me butting in (haha) but what picture is it of yunjae’s secret date??? O.o

        and omg all the secretsssss….. *dying to know* hahha

      • its ok darl, we always welcum everyone who butting in w same interest ^^
        d piccu already wordwide lately, i saw many in twitpic…
        n those secrets of them >.< aww its always gonna be a secret dear ^^
        we knw nothg frm wht we knw now…

  • mchan says:

    Ehehehehe, this post seems never quiet ^^! Lively like always!

    Well, i pop back here b’coz there is sumthing i wanna ask..
    Above, Love_Knot gave us link, I opened it n read tht “Yunho used to date girls, but he is gay”.

    This remind me Rev, tht a few months ago, u told me the same thing. But b’coz tht time we were discussing something more “OMG!!!”, so i forgot to follow tht up ^^! Wht made me so confuse is, why Yunho dated girls in the past, if he’s gay in the first place?? Or did he realiz he is gay after he date JJ? *confuse* *confuse*

    N @ Love Knot, thanks for sharing the link ^^! A lot of secret posted there, although i m sure not all are true, hehe.. N changmin is gay?? Tbh, i find myself hardly to believe this, lol ^^! He seems really dislike this kind of thing, but idk.. Oh well, gay, straight, bi, trans or whatever is fine i guess, as long as u r happy, riteee ^^?

    • my blog infame w ths post i guess *sigh*
      d power of yunjae…

      there’ some reason pop out in my mind reading ur question darl
      yunho was straight, he used to date girl (like wht he told us) n broken heart w them (wont happen if u were my lover oppa ^^)
      n tht time d only person left (happen to be lucky tht it) was devil jaejoong
      n we all knw how was jae onnie…caring yet sweethearting
      n VOILA!
      (ok onnie stop nudging me! i ve write wht u wanted me to write! wht caring pft- )
      he IS gay n forced to date girl since we all knw my dad-soon-to-be-in-law kinda strict
      n as d only man who’ll bring JUNG name, also as a responsible guy, he’ll follow any family’ rule n order
      bt maybe lately he gve up n fight 4his love now

      i do knw wht im talking dear, yet i hve reason behind every sentence i talked about
      if i was wrong, then i dunno bot it yet
      n i knw stalkers knw more thn wht they publish
      its just their way to protect their beloved idol frm cruelity of entertainment world

      n yea darl, as mchan said…believe wht u wanna believe
      n i agree w tht yun///ra, there’ no tht couple since ara’ side already confirm bot it

      @love knot
      i already add u dear ^^
      thx 4d link
      kiss n hug, peternakhamster ^^

      • mchan says:

        Hmm, sharp deductions as always ^^! Both reasons make sense!
        As for me, i prefer ur #2 reason. I think maybe YH is gay from the very first. But since we all know how he always held his images very perfectly, (plus his family matter, korean culture, etc etc) he tried to hide (or denied) his preference by dating girls. Then, finally there came his true love n maybe he was finally able to accept his nature ^^! Aaawww, sooo sweeet!! *fly to seventh heaven*

        Thanks for the nice reasoning, dear ^^!

      • ur welcum darl…
        n ooh i got oh-nt-so-happy-news (or rumor)
        maybe i’ll post it later
        oh well it made me headache though
        bt dun wanna think bot it

    • Love_Knot says:

      no problem honey! 😀
      im also pretty sure that changmin is straight. xD
      but the almost half of what is said there is pretty much the true :DD
      hey. can i add u in ym?? ^^

      • mchan says:

        feel free to add me dear, the pleasure is mine ^^! my address is Aside from Reva, i don’t have another friend to spasm, so another yunjae fella will be most welcome, lol…

        awwww, another bad news Rev? there’s must a limit for these please… does it means tht they r really separated for sure? ouch, another headache to add…

  • teukieci says:

    Im a big fans of yunjae
    U know this day i really miss them so much T_T a long day im watched thy video.. Huhuh
    And try search news about them together T_T
    I really love this couple and i believe and hope bothe they can be together.. Coz i dont wanna see them break up and lost each other.. T_T

    So, could u tell wht story of them that u know??? Huhu
    Please.. My email is

    • wish ur wish be true amen!
      oh well darl u can conclude some by readin facts above
      i guess those commentator (read: my blogfans ^^) n i had pretty good chat each other bot those rumors
      n other rumors…huhuhu im so sorry darl, i cant…
      oh if u hear new rumor, let me knw, willya?
      so we all can discuss it together ^^

  • OMG i cant believe my random post bot those secrets really get lotta attentions!!!
    aww SPOT for me n yunjae n all of u who left comment in my useless blog
    i luv u all ❤

    oh chukae oppa-deul 4those sold out THE BEGINNING luxury package pre order (its fuckin 99,999!!! n sold out in a day!!!)
    "Since 2008, TVXQ’s fanclub Cassiopeia has continued to hold the Guinness World Recrod for being the biggest fanclub in the world."
    proud to be one of them…

  • hanacassie says:

    chinguuu~! orng indonesia juga ya??
    chingu, gw penasaran ma ceritanyaa, add msn gw ya?
    gw pengen fangirling-an ma sesama yunjae fans! www

    • G ad msn say >,< twitteran aj, gw liat lo jg ad twit acc y? Hehehe

      Mostly bs lo bc dr komen2 diatas kq Tp udh gw list jd yunjae update october 2010 Cr aj d latest post ^^

      Sent from my iPhone

  • ayame says:

    yunjae is real !!!
    give me the proof!! send it to my e-mail and i will never tell anyone trust me!!!!!!!!!!! i will never show it to anyone!! plz just tell me in my e-mail please!!?

  • teukieci says:

    Then do u have twitter account? Kekek..
    Yeah, i believe bout yunjae is true.. XD *i hope its true*
    But i heard rumor that yunjae is broke up whn they have lawsuit, is that true?
    And i heard yunho bought audi r8 for jae,under yunho name and peoples said thy saw jae come to goong musical where yunho get rules as sin.. And they goin out for dinner.. Hv u ever heard this and hv some pict????

    I really2 love yunjae so much .. They make me crying and sad whn see then got separated although i never cry coz of my parents but im crying coz of them.. Seems like i can feel what they feel.. TT_TT

    Hope we can chat someday and talk bout yunjae… Can u add my YM;

  • yukiying says:

    i cannot belive without prof >.< but i am yunjae fans XD
    i want them get together..
    can u send pic to me.. i will not share to other friends
    please prof to me~~~~~!! ❤
    if u don't send or send please let me know please~
    i really love yunjae true love !! ^^
    thanka for sharing this news haha.. make ma fill happy but i need prof~~~~~~ XD

  • yukiying says:
    fb: yukiying(same web)
    peternakhamster please send to me~~~><

  • yukiying says:

    oppss i forgot to ask
    do u have any webs for yunjae can suggest to me??
    i want to know yunjae update >< XD

  • saddydaddy says:

    dear…pls pls pls send it to me…i m dying to know abt them!!pls can u mail me?u know my mail addy right?
    take care and love for u..

  • yunnie jaegiya says:

    hey… u noe… you’ll mke my heart wanna explode after i read dat post of yours…

    i really hope dat uri YunJae is REAL…
    AKTF…. ^^;

  • erika says:

    Nice, this super nice. I was just googling about some YunJae facts and this blog went on first place. *smiles*
    Just been a YunJae fan for almost a year.

    I’m so amazed dear.. super amazed… I like, scanned your whole blog…and this was my reaction after>>>> O___O

    Amazing.. *hugs you*….

    I’m really feeling lonely since there are so many people who are prejudicial about themmmm HATE THOSE EFFIN’ ANTIS.

  • novashinki says:

    anyong,,new reader here…it’s no matter what what they do..i like yunjae couple..can u share with me the fact?my or

  • Doreen:) says:

    No offence but why did you even bother to post it if you are not going to say anything? =__=”

    • cz im away too happy n want d world knw it
      yet its my personal blog not a forum or a fanbase
      put ur attention on, i ve put warn bot it
      if its bother u, why u pay my blog a visit n evn bother to leave comment?

  • icekeith88 says:

    can anyone please help me? i just recently bcom this yunjae or jaeho fanboy!i really wanna knw whether everything happening is true or not?(the story whether they are loving each other.)i happened to enter your blog and all of this just shocked me!Argh! XD
    if anybody with any proof tat they are with each other,please (X100000000) sent it to my e-mail :

    i’ve actually spent almost an hour reading all the comments and it really arouse my interest! peternakhamster,please?share with me with wat u knw about yunjae?u can always sent the info to my e-mail..T.T

    oh ya!i’m a recently a big fan to yaoi manga and anime as well!haha..the stories just amazes me..i’m currently looking for more and good quality yaoi(doesnt matter if it’s hardcore yaoi or yaoi porn..hehehehe..XP) any one with that “resource”,please,i beg you all, please e-mail them all to me!hahahaha..XD

  • oppie says:

    I’m so fuckin’ curious!
    pretty please tell me the story,,
    I’ll give a lots of Yunjae cookie!

    what’s ur YM ID?
    can I add u?

    omaigosh, only Yunjae can make me this excited.

  • titan says:

    i always believe that they are really dating, and i always hope they will reveal it i just cant get enough of them, please, please, would u mind sharing yunjae story for me????? my email

  • monica says:

    yunjae is not real,please get some help!!!

    • Geez girl, u need to stop stalking my blog..
      Monica, or shuld i call u peace out?
      Shuld i write down ur email n IP num?
      whn u dunno d content, dun bother to put ur brain in it, u might fall deep sweety ^^

  • Lee Jae Hee says:

    nee unnie,canu tell me about this??not the one ur friend is talking about but maybe a few things that u can talk about (YJ of course ^^)kekeke email meee

  • Krystal says:

    Wiat, so you’re saying YunJae is.. REAL?
    Don’t joke with me..
    I’ve been shipping YunJae since.. well since I knew about YunJae..

  • Krystal says:
    My e-mail.. I’m sending you a message now.. ^_^

  • QueenOFBlackpeonies says:


    I’m a chinese yunjae fan(a pretty crazy dedicated one),lol, I like go international to find info on yunjae. From what I get…they are SO real. Especially that hickey coincidence recently.

    I hope we can chat sometime, I wanna know more international yunjae fans~

  • QueenOFBlackpeonies says:

    lol,of course not!I’ll love to be friends *blushes*.

  • QueenOFBlackpeonies says:

    Yunjae is totally real!You can totally see it.

  • Yunjae Casshipper says:

    can you send me??
    i swear in the name of GOD i will never tell it to the other,, pleaseeeeeee~
    this is my email

  • Boo says:

    Hello my dear..
    Just like everyone here, I just wanna know the clear proof..
    I always believe that Yunjae is real.
    But I tired of these all…
    I tired to always waiting and hoping.
    I tired with the holy shit peeps who say that I am a perv, I’m crazy. I’m weird. And all of uncertain proof about yunjae.

    It’s has been very very long time since I stop to find everything about yunjae facts because I gave up.
    But this page made stuck.

    I’m shock when I read “gay bar” words
    You’ve made me hope again.

    I know you already swear to someone to do not tell about every facts that he told to you.
    I understand it..

    I know you wont tell me the evidences. I wont force you to tell me.
    I just want honest answer my dear…
    If what you wrote above is real and not fake, please promise to me if you are not lying and say “I am not lying and those all real”

    If those all just your opinion or your imagination, please be honest and give the clue to me that you are lying.

    I’m sorry sweetheart…
    Maybe my comment confusing you or something.

    I’ll wait for your reply ^ ^

    • Oh okay
      I knw many ppl curious over ths post
      I’m nt lying, n yes d reason why I wrote ths post is real
      As I always say, I mean wht I wrote…
      Its depend on u wht u wanna believe
      Whether I ve told u thn u’ll easily believe it or nt
      Its an option
      Abt gaybar, its alrdy long time a go..
      Yunjae got so many updates nowaday
      Their latest was august 10th, I cant tell d detail, I bet most shipper knw it alrdy bt nt very detail..
      N ur comment’ nt confusing at all ^^
      Its ok

      • Boo says:

        Oh my god!
        So these all true?
        It’s really pleasure to hear that!
        aah..I’m so relieved now 🙂

        so many updates?
        Did you wrote it in your blog?
        If you did, can you give me the link of the post please?
        Oh my…maybe I am the one who do not know it.

        okay..thank you very much to post this entry and thank you for made this blog my dear!
        It’s really useful!
        thank you ^ ^

      • Yes, just like others u can read it here…
        I wrote like plenty of them
        N its ‎​​‎​​​​ok, I made ths blog for personal use n personal reason to get personal fun
        Nothg big

  • blancheou1 says:

    i never know how gay thing interest me
    or maybe its only yunjae?
    anyway have i say i love u?
    I LOVE U ❤
    keep up with good work~

  • mollyyh1 says:

    YJ never fail to amaze me
    despite d fact of separation, they always had their way to impress us..

  • neilvr11 says:

    your blog is like a dim light in darkness
    always give me hope of YJ despite their circumstance of separation
    thank u~

  • charitylh69 says:

    im in love with YJ
    thank u for updating us
    keep up good work~

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