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i wish u all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

shall this year be an even greater year for all of us

for this year, many of my friends will get married

i slightly JAElous

strict parent is strict *sigh* i cant get married until i graduate n get job n settle my life as an individual

okay…i’ll wish for a straight way to graduation without any trouble and job in hand when i graduate

thus i can settle quickly~


1. My 2 cents on Jaejoong’s “I’m not Gay” thing J

As i’ve spoken about this before, some of you may know that in the past i was in a 4 years relationship with someone of the same sex. I can speak only as someone who has experienced this herself… there is a difference between being gay and being in a relationship with someone of the same sex. Being gay equals being attracted to people of the same sex and wanting or seeking a relationship with someone of the same sex. Being in a relationship with someone of the same sex does NOT  always mean you are gay, it means you have fallen in love. Although i can easy admit when someone of the same sex is attractive just as easily as someone of the opposite sex, it didn’t mean that i was wanting or planning to date someone of the same sex. However when i met her, after a year of friendship we both fell in love. Being together for such a long period, it was obvious that our love was deep and blossomed from an already deep friendship. I wouldn’t say that i am gay because i’m not attracted to girls fully in that way… it just happened that a person i fell in love with was of the same sex. I feel that jaejoong and yunho are similiar. We all know they had gf’s before the met and have stated when they thought a girl was attractive, etc… but that does not meat that it was not possible for them to fall in love. I’ve been on their side for just about 7, 8 years and, in my personal opinion, i would be blind to ignore the obvious chemistry, attraction and love they had (or still have) for each other. They don’t have to be gay to fall in love or date. Just as it has been seen with all types of people across the world, love does not see race, love does not see religion, love does not see gender, i do believe that it is so that ‘love does not see sexual orientation’ – for what is that beside man’s way to label and separate just like any other ‘catagory’ (i.e. race, religion, etc). LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES. So i believe jaejoong could mean “i’m not gay” as in “i never did nor do i plan to really seek a male partner” (or for all we know, he may mean he’s bisexual..god forbid he’s actually attracted to both genders /sarcasm/) à as i have said before, when yunho or jaejoong look at eah other i don’t think they see just “male”… i think they see just “yunho” or just “jaejoong” or just “the person that i have fallen in love with”.

I hope that this makes sense ;-; i tried hard to explain my pov. And anyways, this is not my way to try to shove “yunjae is real” down anyone’s throat. People have a right to believe what they want and i don’t have time to dispute. I ain’t about taht life. I already know what i see and i believe so… as i always say, to each their own. ❤

PLEASE READ ALL OF IT even though it’s long, I spent a lot of time researching and translating QQ
My notes are in brackets and the parentheses are part of the translation.

First, I got a mental breakdown from junsu’s singing a part of show flower [my note: a really well known song that he sang so beautifully at xia taranrallegra concert. You can youtube it: 준수 눈의꽃. Truly beautiful.]

Then, I got a complete mental breakdown after hearing that yunho was at the Dr. Jin filming site where he saw Jaejoong (it was from a fan who was on a school trip and it happened to be the right place and right time of where they were filming Dr. Jim at the time and she said that she saw yunho. When questioned as a rumor, she insisted it was yunho for sure)

Also got another total mental breakdown cause yoochun and yunho came together for physical checkups (the person who claimed this says that her friend who works as an employee at the clinic sees yoochun whenever he comes for checkups but once he came with yunho….)

And I figured this out later but hearing about jaejoong attending homin’s shanghai fanmeeting just leaves me at a disbelieving state, past the stages of mental breakdown. (I’m stating this because I actually saw the videos and pictures and I saw blogs with posts and if you just search on naver it just comes out…)

I hope these really aren’t just rumors QQ
I can’t sleep anymore QQ

[Idk about the pictures for the last one. But for the video:http://blog.naver.com/ghkddmlejr11/120150262797?viewType=pc

If you see, homin keep looking like top right area while performing why and before u go. Either there is a hot girl with big boobs that is naked there, or it is jaejoong. Hopefully the latter. cx
There was also the fact that according to the fans who attended the meeting, after performing Why, Homin went backstage to change their performing outfits for Before U Go. But they came back and performed in the same outfits. Even though they left. HMMM.
and the area jaejoong sat was apparently dark where the lights didn’t really reach and was darkish, and when lights would go in that direction, he would turn his back so he wouldn’t be seen.
And his seat was also empty why homin went to change. HMMMM.
Also, I’m just paraphrasing and translating the main points of this page, Homin arrived in shanghai at 9am on the day of their fanmeeting. Jaejoong arrived at 5pm on the same day, only his meeting was on the 10th.
Not many fans seem to know this, but the venue of both of these fanmeetings were at the same place.
Also, jaejoong left his hotel at 8pm on that day. No one knows where he went. Hm..
For their hotel rooms, jae had one room then next to it was the president of the fanmeeting’s room(I’m guessing the person in charge of it? Idk I’m just translating) and then on the other side was homin’s room.
After jaejoongs fanmeeting on the 10th, he rode a taxi somewhere. Afterwards, the same taxi driver confirmed that he drove homin to the same place that jaejoong went.
(A little LOT suspicious. Seeing as to know the driver even admits it.)

The link to the fanmeeting: http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/323720
And the reason for this is so you can see at around 87:00 homin leave to change but didn’t change and came back.]

Hope this gives us strength cassies!!
Always keep the faith

Cr: tv5xqforever


a) Yunjae pics are shown on the screen during I’ll Protect You and one of them is Yunjae at the red telephone booth!!

Cr. 楠楠思密达哟 + yunhosan

b) Suk Chun held YunJae fan, Brown bear & Cony bunny (Line symbol- which JaeChunSu are being its representatives), took  foto with YunJaeshippers

Note: This is the pic when Hong Suk Chun held YJ fan & Brown up during Jaejoong’s concert. However, the owner doesnt allow to spread the pic out of weibo, so We just can give U link to her weibo



4. In the middle of Shibuya,  right after Tohoshinki’s truck, there came the JYJ truck… After the big sound of “Catch Me”, we could hear the big sound of “Get out”

cr:mickyukiko + yunhosmiley@twitter

5. A YJ Fan Analysis

original: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2215688898


This is from Shihching from Baidu, merely translating.

(in italic are my own words)


I will re-post this since I didn’t credit the photos’ owners and thus I deleted all of it, deleted all of it, deleted all of it.

Alright I will just have to re-post and re-credit.


 Cr: 豆花吧

Please note the circled area, the wrist’s position and the mole’s position.


Cr. as tagged

This is a photo in debate, you cannot deny that there are two moles.


Cr. as tagged

In this photo you can’t deny that you cannot see the mole on top.

The following photos are all taken by myself, so please don’t tell me that I would need to credit them too.

Firstly, there’s only one mole.


When my arm is at the side


When my arm is facing up



Cr: 豆花吧

Next is the version with two moles, credit to myself.




Next is the difference in positioning.






Honestly, no matter how I tried it ends up like this, Kim Jaejoong if that is really your arm, please teach me how the photo turned out like that.

Lastly, the conclusion.

First, from the position of the mole-in-debate, we can first conclude that it is definitely not a woman’s arm, from the position of the mole on my arm, it is possible (I think she’s referring to it being Yunho’s arm).  After all, my arm is rather different from the arm underneath Jaejoong, so I can only conclude that it is highly possible.

Second, from the body positioning, my head cannot turn at that degree (personal experience, I will kneel down at anyone who can turn their head at that position) Plus, I can’t cover the seam joining my arm and armpit (I should say it is possible and it’s really very difficult)

Moreover, you would be pressing on your own shoulders on top of taking such a heavy mobile, and if you are still able to take a photo while staring straight ahead, I am very impressed. I personally was smashed for quite a number of times by my own phone, and it was really hard to hold the phone steadily, and on top of all these things you would have to take care of the dog next to you.

Kim Jaejoong, if that is your arm please tell me how did you do it.

And thus the conclusion, that is not Jaejoong’s arm, not a woman’s arm, and highly possible Yunho’s arm.

I posted this for three times, and this tired me to death.

(I am more impressed by Cassiopeia tbh.)

cr: shihching@tieba.baidu + love2mins@tumblr

6. Minhyun Nu’est  mentioned the dream of eating tonkatsu with Yunjae in a Japanese magazine

That when he visited to Turkey, he had a dream of sitting in a restaurant and eating pork cutlet rice with Yunho sunbaenim; then he said to Yunho “Please take care on ur way to home”; Minhyun also said at that time he sat beside JYJ’s Jaejoong; basically whenever he talked about Yunho, he mentioned Jaejoong then. Lately, Minhyun Nu’est did mention about Yunho n Jaejoong like 4 times. He said “it’s like that there is a fate between them (YunJae).


cr. Meo sama@Twitter

7. A work of Yunho – Memory.There‘re the Cassiopeia & the  letters “Y” “J” on it,displayed in Gwangju’s Design Biennale


cr: uknownie

8. 130829 Jaejoong wore Givenchy Jacket MADE IN ITALY to come to THE SPY VIP PREMIERE. Yunho also had worked in Milan before.

Is it true if except the items of the Fornasetti house (scroll down for see it), Yunho presented this jacket for Jaejoong too xD?


cr. mrsyunjae

9. Jaejoong sang Hitomi Wo Tojite (Ken Hirai – 瞳をとじて) in the FM today.

Ken Hirai is known that he got married with his boyfriend. He’s gay! [via taurysays]

The point is that Yunho said Hitomi Wo Tojite is his favorite song once. He also sang it while YunJae were in backstage before.

cr. beeboowy

10. Did Jaejoong get the flora (a kind of scented candle) and other items of the Fornasetti house in Milan from Yunho????

Note: The right pic was posted on Jaejoong’s twitter on August 7th 2013. Yunho has come back to Korea from Milan for some days.


cr. bambishim@twitter

11. JYJ LINE has updated some pictures! And below is what Cassiopeia found:

It seems that the 3 were watching Mirotic live performance and got fun for that!


Jaejoong recording this. Why?

Cr: as tagged + boboyunjae@wp (full post here)

12. #JJinThailand 120217

One thai fan got on stage yesterday, she got a hug from JJ. And she whisper to JJ “I Missing YJ” then JJ was shy and nodded back.

cr. YJLB

13. [2007 JAP mag Arena37 interview]

Q:  Who will you choose if you go to an uninhabited island with one member?

Yunho: Jaejoong cause he’s good in cooking and he’ll cook for me.

[121213- mbcradio]

Q : Did u know Boa picked you if she had to live in island alone? Will u go with her?

Yunho:I think she picked me cause we are good friends. But I won’t go .

cr. beeboowy@twitter & livinglikeadream@tumblr

14. [SMT BKK]

Yunho looked at one fan’s smartfone, suddenly he noticed she using Hello Kitty as her phonecase. Then he smiled

cr. 9090TheAiiRzYJ

15. “These are Jaejoong’s answers collected in recent interviews. We can see many hints in his words”


Every time we go drinking I would kiss the members (laugh). Junsu is very good looking, Yoochun is also very good looking, how come they are so good looking? … In the end he said “there won’t be any rumors about me being gay right?”  [ENews24]

Rather than betrayal, I have broken up with my girlfriend because I reserved time for my dream more than for her. I first met her when I was in 6th year of elementary school. She is my first love and we dated for 4 years and 8 months. I think I have never written a song for a woman but there are songs containing my feelings after parting. Almost all the songs I made are sad songs. For me, the sorrow of parting lasts long. At times like that, many songs come out. [Asiatoday Interview]

“To be honest, if i were a girl. I’d date a lot of men & dump them all. Just for the fun of it.”

“When I have my break, I have tried cycling to 4-5 days a week. I have cycled many times for more than 3 hours from Cheongdam-dong to Yeoui-do. I even cycled to the extent my pelvis (hip area) got inflamed. Also recently, it seems like I’m still suffering from my pelvis inflammation and not recovering from the loss of my voice.” [121113 Jaejoong’s interview extract from mydaily]

“Even thou I’m apologetic to my partners for saying this, but for all the kiss scenes that i’ve shot, i wasnt excited at all. Jihyo noona, kim sung ling sunbae, wang ji hye too, what’s weird is that fans werent jealous of them, instead, they’re jealous of guys? (laugh)” [BNT Interview]

cr: SYC + PrinceJJ + Shinkipeia + Toneinheaven5 + BOBOYUNJAE

16. The cute teddy dogs showed up in Jaejoong’s tweets named Brownie- a character in “Mrs. Jung”, one of episodes of Gag Concert. Mrs. Jung & Brownie are so popular & always go together

so Jaejoong with Brownie= Mrs. Jung with Brownie <~ What is more obvious than this?????

Cr: theyoungestmin

17. Jaejoong’s new favorite necklace (131124) & the symbol of THSK’s 3rd Live Tour 08 “T”


cr. kissjaenips + yoonhoshinki + as tagged

18. [RUMOR] Yunho dyed his hair at red carpet salon, which is upstair of Coffeecojjee


19. JJin Shanghai on March 17th 2013

YJ Post- on board at JJ fanmeet in Shanghai ”YoonJae Love Forever”. Did Jaejoong really see it?!?!?!


cr: dorolovelove + as tagged


Fan: Hi I’m YUNJAE’s fan from China.

JJ: ne~

FAN: Can you put heart behind my name?

JJ: ne~

FAN: The heart that Yunho oppa draw, I don’t know if it’s look like heart or B.

After JaeJoong heard that, he laughs really hard according to the person who wrote this post. and she got the pen that JJ used it to sign for fans.


cr: tvxq962464 + jejebei_1226

21. Why Yunho became to be MISSHA’ model? It may be for this

 MISSHA&Hello Kitty frm MISSHA


cr. jj_usagi

22. YJ signs~






cr. as tagged

23. Coupling (like seriously, can they stop? even me n my bf didnt have that many coupling stuffes)





























cr. as tagged

24. Eagle eyes~

anyone see what i see???



actually i doubt this one, that person wont be YH right? i’ll die in happiness if its true~





reminding YH’s single Close To U appeared in JJ’s back~


JJ had no intention to feed other than a male named YH…


its about time when YH will call JJ ‘jiji’ which literally in chinese means ‘penis’ and also the elephant thingy~


cr. as tagged

25. Stalkcams



cr. as tagged

26. Randomnessssss














cr. as tagged

27. Its cute i cant help~







cr. as tagged

28. Fanmades









cr. as tagged

thats all for now on~

i shall back to my assignment kkkkk~

now my selfgifts xD



isnt he handsome????? oppa aaah~~~~~

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