[LIST] yunjae update december 2010

December 7, 2010 § 108 Comments

Ths few days im in BADest – worst state ev, I fell sick, headache over my college thgs, days schedule increase made me unable to get proper rest n my eyebag getting bigger n darker, lotta stuffes undone, yet bloodpressure kept decreasing…I hate hospital…I dun wanna cme back there…d nurses suck, kept sucking blood n push needle into me >,<

Cut d crap, no one cares anyway…

It’ll be a very short list

Already got ths days a go bt if I post it, it wont be a list ^^

1. Jae went to jeollado for vacation when jung yunho had poseidon shoot there as oh yoonjae

Bt then I found it at dec 6th, easier for u to understand

Credit: heavenswine

Bt then a fren tell me tht jae in Haenam, south jeolla province, while yunho in jeollabuk-do, north jeolla province. Yunho had shoot in chaeguksang, buan, n he performed in jeonju last week
I adore stalkers ^^ n reporters bt we never knw someone’ heart n mind rite? So I guess they did meet
Mmm talking about meeting parent in law…
Jae: *blush*
Rev: u really idiot onnie
Jae: yah!
Rev: my appa in law mad at u again, didn’t he? He never approve his son ish a gay
Jae: who do u call appa in law huh? N no he didn’t, appa wasn’t ther ewhen I vis-oops *cover mouth*

Tht was joke, I dunno whether jae met my appa in law or not, bt we can see he was pretty close w my umma in law n sister in law kekekek *smack*

2. I dunno why bt I felt somethg fishy in ths rumor

As we heard tht jung yunho attended jyj’ afterparty when a fren tell me about a fanacc of a chinese cassie who was saw yunho went home dropped off by sanghyuk (85club member) around 3.30am at early nov 28th at homin’ apartment
To make it easier, ths suppose helping:

Confuse? Realize tht its only a rumor?
PS: it suppose to be “yunho went to jeollado” at 29th ^^ my mistake kekeke
Now let me tell u wht I believe: its such a funny fact when jae went missing in his afterparty rite? So having a day before his afterparty to enjoy his afterconcert w beloved hubby wont hurt…
Again, me n my broken brain
Ignore it ^^

3. D famous nine by jaejoongie really ish a hit after W, dun u think so?

A way to explain it in better way:

Credit: heavenswine
Gwenchana onnie, we understand those stupid rules frm xxx as result of d lawsuit

4. As few days a go a rumor of yunho got caugh in pics w his GF, kissing her head while holding her hands epicly spread around us…in my opinion ITS WRONG…

I dunno d truth since im nt there bt im sure (frm d pic) its nt his GF
a. Yunho was standing back then when d girl passed him n their hands happen to be d same height…
b. If they held each other’ hand, d pic must showed a bigger part of hand like linked hand, n I saw a single hand, nt linked or anythg…
c. If they held each other hand, yunho’ armpit must had 15-45 degree frm his body, bt I saw no angle shaped…
d. His pose of standing was a personal pose, w putting bodyweight to rite foot while d left knee a bit bended
e. Try to pose like him n u’ll get wht I mean ^^
For those who got d pics already, ths r my opinion, for u who didn’t hve, please, do not ask me to send it to u, for our kindness ^^

5. Ok I need to stop frm writing too much ^^

6. Secret ish secret ^^

7. N plz God, let d march 2011 come true amen!!!

Yesterday I was in a kpop gath…I spent like 3000+ yen frm daddy’ wallet (naughty, I knw ^^) to buy anythg I want, I got:
1. AKTF tee

2. PO JYJ tee
3. JYJ phone chain

4. Yunho’ lightstick
[my dslr’ card was borrowed so practically i cant photo any ^^]
5. Yunho’ old high cut (darn he’ handsome there!!!) (minus ara, tht high cut will be a perfect one ^^)

N I went home under rain…w/o coat…so my fever get higher (I got fever b4 it bt I cant absent, im staff >,<) bt im ok now ^^ only need to get my bloodpressure back to normal ^^

a gift for self

November 29, 2010 § 13 Comments

have i mentioned tht i fav a cassieopeia/photographer, chubee?

i hve? uuh ok…

i love most of her photos

she had ths talent to let out jung yunho’ character n expression with pics only

let me shw u some

nt only oppa actually…

as i said, chubee ish like a personal photographer of jung yunho…

maybe few ppl like to edit their pics to let out a feel

bt expression cant be editted

n thts wht i found in her pics…she just add some edit to spice up

her pics…aft all…ish a gift for me

thx onnie, for being so hardworker for those fabulous jung yunho ^^

overall pics credit: chubee

[LIST] Yunjae Update Nov 2010 part 2

November 28, 2010 § 86 Comments

Hi all ^^

So aft my blog got blocked by unknown reason (its written someone reported it for violence bt I dunno ^^), finally its back kekekekekek

Just realize…lotta of u who used to be silent reader poped out in my twitter asking why u all cant access my blog (why u all sounded just now n nt when I posted? *pout)

Its ok for me, if u wanna be silent…BT…a simple “thx” will be precious for me ^^

Cutting d crap, lets get to d point ^^

1. … (I dun wanna talk, see it urself ^^)

Yep its same tee too ^^

shared by: moliv

2. I dunno whether its true or not, jae use BB yunho got frm fans on Goong


It looked like edited for me, d shine, d light, d shape, n d pixel.

But then mtvk confirm it HERE n SYC HERE

Hmm…its ok if I made a mistake, im a human aft all…bt why MTVK put lots effort on it? I mean they can let go wht we imagined, rite? They even told us about jae smiled in almost every “yunjae” n “yunho” chant…

Oh well believe wht u wanna believe…I do believe my assumption, it proved tht yunjae use d same type of phone…

Bt then I read somewhere, yunho loved BB black…

Dunno though…


PS: ths one spreaded faster thn I though, even get into kokayz@LJ ^^

PSS: I bet they had their yunjae’ love room in BBM ^^ (n tvxq room maybe?)

3. Yunjae was missing back then when they had photoshoot in grand canyon in LV, dunno whether its true or nt, I got it frm YJE ^^

4. Ara got twitter acc (why d heck I wrote it? Who cares?)

5. A reader kindheartly share her fren’ fanacc

My fren (A) went to korea to visit jae’ crebau n they had chance to talk to jae’ 7th sister (A Yong [AY] onnie), she mentioned some points

a. AY was listenin to cheekmate (jap ver), A was happy tht jae’ fam support yunho

b. A: onnie, I wanna give this jackets to jae oppa *gve one jacket*

AY: oh ok… *smile*

A: …n another one for yunho…

AY: … *pause* *whisper* h%$^&^*& (trans: how?)

A: …

AY: oh I knw, I’ll gve both to jae then they can choose which one they prefer *smile*


AY: *shock*

Well…I smile while readin it ^^

c. A: onnie, in TVXQ, which one u like most?

AY: umm…JJ…

A: how about yunho?

AY: no! cz he steals JJ frm us!

A: *shock*

AY: …eh…just kidding! I like yunho most cz he’ so handsome, tall, small n sharp face, he’ also sexy! JJ also like him!

A: *speechless* *die in heaven*

Talkin bot being so obvious…

PS: happen in oct 10th 2010 ^^

Shared from: a fren ^^

6. Mchan shared a fanacc she read frm a concert in Thailand (forget what concert), a fans (A) asked a bodyguard (B)

A: err…sir…can I ask u somethg?

B: wht?

A: hows their practice?

B: TVXQ? Humm…they r great…d greatest dancer was Junsu, Yoochun n Changmin also cool, Yunho danced awesomely, also d busiest managing members, Jaejoong was d clumsiest, hit his right n left…his moves also wrong almost all time…

A: *smile* so…wht did yunho n jaejoong do when its reherseal?

B: …

A: …

B: …hmm…r u sure u like them? *point on yj’ pic* these two r always stick tgt, kinda weird for me…ooh oops sorry, I dun want u to feel dissapointed toward these two

A: …aaah… *smile* thx… *left*

PS: tht bodyguard was rented in thailand, he barely knw any of yunjaeness kekekeke

7. Another fanacc mchan told me

One upon a time *smack* arasso! *pout* One day when TVXQ ate in a restaurant w their manager. Yunho sat opposited jae while his manager was beside him.

(I was suck at explainin in paragraph, so I’ll just mke it as a dialogue ^^)

Yun: *put chopstick down*

Manager (M): where r u goin?

Yun: toilet…

M: oh I cme w u… *stand up* *see yunho’ messy scarf* *fix d scarf*

Yun & M: *went to toilet*

Jae: *JAElous* *stand up* *sit on manager’ seat*

Yun & M: *back*

M: hey jae, thts my seat, get back to ur own seat

Jae: … *ignore* *fix yunho’ scarf whch their manager fixed back then*

M: *sigh* *give up* *sit in jae’ seat*

Jaevil ish a walking jealous machine!!!

8. Remember yunho in jewelry award?

Yep handsome ^^

Too handsome tht I need someone to remind me about somethg weird in his accecories

Still dun get it?

Get it now? Kekeke thx to pooh ^^ for reminding me ths

PS: chubee ish an awesome personal photographer for jung yunho, I swear! I love her for making jung yunho looks fabulous in every pics she took ^^



Credit: as tagged (chero_shera@twitter for hints & a fren for d pics)

9. U got d key of my heart, baby…

Source: yesbabyohyea@tumblr

10. I wonder why they always stick tgt in public place? *smack* ONNIE!!!!!


Ok d last one was pretty funny…min suits as crowd control well…n onnie, whts my role? D bride? Kekeke

Jae: u wish!

Shared: mchan (thx dear for sending me ur coll ^^)

11. Yunjae earring ish loved ^^ I want it!!! N cartier ring ^^

Shared: mchan

12. He just loves using his hubby’ ^^

Cre: yunjaelovebar

13. Remember ths one?

Y+U        yunho uknow

H+J         hero jaejoong

Y+H        yunho hero

U+J        uknow jaejoong

Y+J         yunho jaejoong

H+U       hero uknow

d miracle of our keyboard tht i posted HERE

I found many blogs n LJ use it w/o cre…its my fuckin laptop’ keyboard n ppl easily copy while claimed its them?!

Whoooooossssssaaaaaaaahhhhhh….ok, my fault for nt put cre in d pic bt heck! I dunno if my blog will be a big hit n ppl will copy its content

At least put proper cre willya?


Yunjae destinied tgt, then ths one too

See how it shaped? Yep its CASSIOPEIA!!!

source: yunjaeshipper@wp

Thts all folks ^^ I hve to save few secrets myself…kekeke ^^

oh do join my project to whoev hvent join yet, willya?

I wrote somethg random…

Im holiday-ing for no reason, just want it to be, left classes n college like 4 months already

Im blanking out when i got into my limit where i cant digest any information cz there’ too much in my brain already

I overspent n my allowance for ths month is none already, using d money frm dad’ wallet to live my life n my needs

I got sexy-stripped heels w 12cms height n i feel my legs n butt sexier when i use it w undies only

I love shopping, crave mostly for bags

I got 3 big closets full of bags already (use 1 once n save it forever)

I can eat till i full (who didnt?)

Im a numb person, an ignorance one (my sisters fight n see if i care)

Im a nerd, afraid to talk n socialize instead spending most time online (cz its writing n nt talking!)

I respect ppl who respect me, curse ppl who annoy me (who didnt?)

I watch porn

I watch my BF’ porn collection

I download gay porn

I sleep blindfolded, lamps off, AC on, blanket cover my foot

I used to hve my own green bedroom w japanese theme, aft a big EQ now i sleep randomly

I hve 2 cars n i cant drive any (as i said, wht my BF for if nt drives me?)

I hve 2 annoying sisters, one was my opposite while other exactly d copy of me

I hve gay frens

I wish to be married to a gay man (jung yunho)

I hve many creative ideas in my brain n im too lazy to made them real

I hate life, cz life seems hate me too

I obey everythg my parent order me

I hate swimming

I used to hve no BF, my BF nowaday ish my 1st n 2011 ish our 6th year tgt

Im a faithfull lady, to somethg i believe

I like arrogant boy who knw his self well (d reason why i fall inlove w yunho 1st time)

I listen to LINKIN PARK in hi volume when i piss off

I hate listen someone curse, i hate curse out of my mouth, bt easily curse in heart

I do reherseal of my soon-concert-duet w TVXQ when im showering

I bring my phone to bathroom n toilet, online evn when im bladdering

I ev sleep w only bra n pants

I ev sleep w/o bra on

I love coffee in d morn

I hate papaya

I love fuji apple

I can live w/o water bt i cant live w/o my phone

I hate my frens nowaday for backstabbed one another (include me) in college (i just…HATE THEM)

I lost 15 kgs in 2 months n gain 20 kgs in 3 months *sigh*

I hve had many accidents whn i ride my mtrcycle

I hve very sensitive skin, genetical, easily allergic to somethg n hurt/cut

I hve kissed boy

I hve ev locked my baby sitter inside home while 5-years-old-me walked around neighborhood alone

I used to hve 70 hamsters (thts why i choose “peternakhamster” – hamster breeder, heck i only bought 2 n few months later it turned out to 70)

I hve many cats, n almost all dead hit by mtrcycle (now 6 left)

I used to hve a dog who obey me only, n poisoned by my neighbor cz he bited her son who mocked me

I do no sport

I can play guitar well (n stop when i knw how to be a lady n grow my nails)

I hve vertigo (international flight), seasick, landsick (car only), low bloodpressure, n jetlag

I wish im taller, 175 cm or so…

I guess i’ll activate my LJ acc so i can post secrets in private (n get my brain clean)

I wrote ths down cz im fuckin bored, n just hve a fight w my BF cz he hates me for being ignorance once i get online or into korean-world intime he just fired frm job

Im sick, i knw…bt i love me n i hope yunjae dun hate me for revealin theirs

bossa nova YUNJAE ring – scared

August 21, 2010 § 26 Comments

#1 in my most wanted list changed into:

do u knw how much it cost?

7875 yen!!!

n there’ sentence curved on it

“Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” – something important is invisible to the naked eye

arasso? no? duh~

source: SIAMZONE

another yunjae fact to spicy up our live…

n now

heard another rumor…

actually i got hints bot it long time a go bt w latest facts, it happen to open my mind

i dunno whether its true, all i heard (n they said…bird voice…) tht actually SME already did wht they need to get TVXQ together (despite d fact d CEO kinda strict n ambitious n etc etc)

h reason i heard (n i confuse) was d source of d lawsuit is my appa-soon-to-be-in-law

yes darl, yunho’ appa…

we all knw tht he dislike onnie since his son luv him (oh cmon~ appa, ur own son who turn onnie)

n he kinda angry w his son’ expenses n found some money went to wrong person (read: onnie, dun get it? duh…audi r8, maybe home n bentley…i bet there’ lotta b4 d lawsuit)

since oppa’ d only who’ll bring JUNG name (ji hye will follow her husband’ name) n yet w onnie they wont get same-blood son or daughter

(*scream* choose me oppa! choose me! i’ll gve u son n daughter n u can still be w onnie, or better 3some! hows tht sound?)

*kill by onnie*

oh i forget to tell yall

im in mid of my social work, n just a moment a go there’ big earthquake…

aft huge earthquake 4years a go, ths one mke me fall powerless n cry

my body shook teribly tht i scared till dead

n u knw wht

just heard tht my social work happen to be in d centre of d earthquake area n its 10km deep down into earth…

so scary~~~

yes i cry, when i wanna ran outside i fell cz d floor i stepped wooble hard

n ooh…many houses here fell down, i mean d land they built those get down like sucked by d earth

aaaahhhh now me n my friends sleep outside near d cow stall, better thn nothg…

oh d earthquake happen 2x…


JYJ in A-Nation…HoMin in SMTown…

TVXQ perf in 2 stages in 2 different country

bt i believe, they dun need to face each other to talk

cz TVXQ TALK BY SONG N TUNE, n tonite they r talkin each other


[TRANS] Hello everyone, this is TVXQ. I’m U-Know Yunho. I’m Max Changmin. Those who had attended A-Nation is our 3 members – Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun. Even though they did not attend today, but we are carrying every five’s dreams. Please anticipate our comeback, every Cassiopeia.

source: joongiebaby’ twitter


S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E.D o__O”

August 18, 2010 § 4 Comments

ur beloved-almighty-peternakhamster ish back

*kick by jae*


back to topic, today i got surprised!



*mouth covered by jae*


*kick jae out of d post*

tht devil…aish…

n whole world knw tht she’ back while im d only who didnt

GREAT -__-”

she said its a surprise…

*sigh* my bday already passed centuries a go…

n she gve me THIS!!!


there more actually ^^

fufufufu happy like a mad bitch…

n just emailed a fren bt suddenly happier than ev!!!

*kiss JJ4eVa*

okkies gtg

need to design my new sanctuary since my mom get bored of it…

i’ll add lil table n move d shower so i can get my lappie in when takin bath


peternakhamster pop out

remember, believin tht yunjae ish real need more faith frm ur heart bt its no useless ^^

just believe them…


sorry to pop in again when i shuldnt

bt i cant help it…

tag surfin n found

[PHOTO] 100818 Yoosu At Gimpo Airport 2

credit: as tagged
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + My Prince Changmin

somethin i’d like to declare ish…



too many happy news today…i cant even happier i guess

1st, my BGF finally back (i damn miss her death)

2nd, yunjae *sensor*

3rd, ths…

4th, another email frm JJ4eVa (ths one made me gigglin like superinsanebitch)

5th, i get lotta yunjae’ ficvid into my uphone ^^

ok i really need to go


n oh, im in home rite noe ^^ bt tomorrow i need to get back to tht hell again…

new yunjae rumor ^^ (i guess im late, its old rumor though) – my HELL T__T”

July 24, 2010 § 60 Comments


hey darl, peternakhamster ish baaaaaackk….

ok i need to stop being a dramatic person…


bt im awaaaaaaaaaayyyyy tooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyy

just heard boy newest yunjae rumor (err i heard it long time a go bt cant update so just remember it last nite *bricked 4being late*)

few sources through soompi n livejournals n blogs, finally i found:

it said tht d same nite of d stalker pics of yun oppa playin basketball was d same nite tht those pics of him switchin cars cme out. apparently, yunjae met up aft tht. its nt clear though whether jae onnie was in d other car, or if oppa just switched cars so no1 wuld follow him. according to some yunjaestalker (its originally mentioned as ninja cassie ^^ humm i like tht name…), yunjae hve met up a lot

OMG plz plz let it be a true!!!!!!

i desperate of their news being in contact of each other since tht fuckin lawsuit

aft achun’ press conf bot keepin in touch, i cant be more excited

wht life culd be a better 1? beside me in my green sanctuary or shoppin in mall?











ITS ONNIE’ AUDI R8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or its look alike?)

see? SEE? SEE?!!!!

*menangis terharu aka cry desperately*


OMG these 2 days seemed d best day ever!!!


(dun wanna face if its wrong ^^)

update: ish it audi r8 or a8? *confuse*

oh ths s where i did my social work

a beautiful place i call HELL

yes its beautiful bt NO! dun overwhelmin on its beauty

its ALIKE onnie, beautiful bt devil inside…

n yes beib NO ME there cz i took few of them myself mwahahahaha

oh well, i appear in only 1 piccu above yet its nt clear though *relieve*

n i just heard tht ONNIE CUT HIS HAIR!!!!

its rumored tht his hair now look alike achun’ in choosey lover

ths r photoshopped pics on how will he look like


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

credit: minholover@livejournal (one of my fav author ^^)


okaaaaaay *wipe tears frm eyes*

in cyworld: oppa ish mine, definetly!!!!

in real: OMFG onnie plz dun kill urself!!! u r *lie* beautiful as always although w tht hair bt plz…u r nt tht strezz to kill ur own image rite?


bt then i just remember its only rumor though…


my community got several probs last time

like a dancer get himself out frm community cz his fuckin GF (now exGF ^^) order him so

n tht fuckin GF aged 6yo younger thn him! (she’ a control freak n her make up yet appereance tell her age bot 10years older gyahahahahah!!!!)

despite d fact tht he’ d 1 who will dance as taeyang…we surely sad cz he ish so talented

bt in d end he inform us tht he broke up w his fuckin-so-childish GF (oh well she’ a child…in a grandmom figure) n join us again


my tweetline fulfilled w us celebratin in, above their brokenheart, bt hey d boy didnt seem sad ^^

ok gtg

c u all

do miss me, ok?

saengil ACHUNkae ^^

June 4, 2010 § 2 Comments




Owh…they got same bday…so jealous…

As i promised, ths r presents i wanna share 4ths lovely day

Achun d smiley baby, ladies n gentlemen, enjoy…

@FlowingFlame darl…hope u like it, s it good enough?

Aww…achun + white + smile = melting…

(OMFG i need 2find his ‘cow’ n tht turqois-stipped-sweater asap!!!)

I luv both 2wallies above most, since (as 4me) its so difficult 2blend those pics

Q: Why its so dificult?

A: U ask me why?! U dare 2ask me why?!

Do u realize who was missing in ths pic?! Huh?! Huh?!

Ask me again why its so difficult -__-“

Oppa’ cute-thick-framed-glasses n sleeveless-red-bowtie r soooo precious *cried*

Took me fine 10mins 2 blended it n HOURS 2 erase oppa frm it


I nearly cried when i did ths1 above

Bonjour paris was a gold moment of them, (as 4me) they looked so ordinary yet fabulous in same time…

When youth, togetherness, n happyness mixed…i miss them in tht state soooo!!!

One last cry, 1 of my fav song, n achun outstandingly sang it aah~~~

My shattered dreams and broken heart

Are mending on the shelf

I saw you holding hands, standing close to someone else

Now I sit all alone wishing all my feeling was gone

I gave my best to you, nothing for me to do

But have one last cry

One last cry, before I leave it all behind

I’ve gotta put you outta my mind this time

Stop living a lie

I guess I’m down to my last cry


I was here, you were there

Guess we never could agree

While the sun shines on you

I need some love to rain on me

Still I sit all alone, wishing all my feeling was gone

Gotta get over you, nothing for me to do

But have one last cry

One last cry, before I leave it all behind

I’ve gotta put you outta my mind this time

Don’t being a lie

I know I gotta be strong

Cause my life goes round on and on and on

And on…..

I’m gonna dry my eyes

Right after I had my

One last cry

One last cry, before I leave it all behind

I’ve gotta put you outta my mind for the very last time

Been living a lie

I guess I’m down

I guess I’m down

I guess I’m down…

To my last cry…


So sad i was suck at blending in ths wallies, i mean white + black = eternal yet difficult

It culd be awesome if i did it rite T__T”

Back at d simplest ^^

Hve i ev mention achun + blue + slow song = preciously broke heart?

*cried* *cried* *cried*

Oh his glasses s somethg❤ *browsed bot d glasses asap*

Black + red = addictive

OMG i need 2find tht fedora asap!!!

all achun’ wallies above dedicated 2achun bunchun chunnie, d smiley baby

wish all best 4u bb

good luck n take care

always keep the faith…

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